In an effort to cheer myself up from what has been a pretty rough few days of motherhood, and in advance of tonight’s favourite day of each term “Parents evening”, whilst still being true to my sarcastic wine-loving self, I thought I would share a few of my favourite parenting memes, jokes and Pinterest worthy pins.

Note: Please don’t read on if you left your sense of humour on the delivery table! 

mommy drinks wine from a box
my kids don't listen to me
sorry i ruined your life by asking you to put your shoes away
list of things I'm handling well currently
i told you so parenting meme
why do i have to shout at my kids
fun parenting game take a shot every time your child whines
for fucks sake

Thanks to all those like-minded people who created these pins, you are my soul mates! Parenting memes make parenting more fun, at least I know it’s not just me!

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Wish me luck at Parents Evening tonight – I’m sure my angels are doing great!