Statistics say that 76% of American children receive child care from a daycare center. However, running a successful daycare center takes more than just a passion for helping children learn and grow; choosing the right software for childcare also plays an important role.

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An effective software platform keeps daycare owners, teachers, aides, and support staff organized, accountable, and most importantly, engaged with the students. 

Childcare management software allows you to build your daycare website, market to your current and potential clients, prepare lesson plans, and optimize parent payments. Read on to learn more about why childcare management needs an effective software platform. 

childcare management software

It Builds Your Website 

The first step to professional childcare management is to build a website. This can be a challenging task if you have never built a website before. 

However, child care software can assist you in building this important marketing tool. Create each website page with a heading, succinct description, and any internal links to guide your client to what information they seek about the child care programs you offer. 

Most child care websites should have the following page headings and links:

  • About Us. 
  • Blog. 
  • Child Care Programs 
    • Split into age groups. 
    • Time frames for each program. 
    • Basic teaching for every age group.
    • Types of programs, whether Head Start, Drop-In Daycare, and others.
  • Daycare Policy. 
  • Mission and Vision Statements. 
  • Locations. 
  • Summer Camp Program (if applicable).

After enrolling your first students, remember to help them build confidence as individuals. Have your teachers and aides encourage the children to love themselves for who they are to reinforce self-esteem. 

Marketing Capabilities 

Parents can access different marketing resources and upcoming events from the affiliated childcare app that connects to your child care management software. The software can help you pen event descriptions and social media updates to distribute to current parents. 

The events and social media updates can also benefit potential clients as they see how you interact with your community and educate and engage their children. For example, you can market an open house tour for interested parents that want to enroll their children in your daycare. 

Keyword Research

Run a Google keyword search to find out what parents are searching for about a child care program. Some parents may need a drop-in daycare as others need a daycare for before and after school to accommodate their work schedule. 

Looking at a child care research glossary can help you find other necessary keywords to describe your child care programs professionally and efficiently. All terms are in alphabetical order to browse them when needed. 

lesson planning

Prepares Curriculums and Lesson Plans

Incorporate a chosen curriculum that is developmentally appropriate for your children into the lesson plans. You can write the lesson plans and distribute them to parents through one of the apps for childcare. 

Separate each subject into specific lessons to structure the day. For example, little ones need reading, basic math, alphabet recognition, and phonics lessons. 

Once the children eat breakfast in the morning, circle time should be the first activity to get everyone ready for the day. Include discussions and songs about the current weather, day of the week, and any special activities the class will be doing that day. 

Following this example, you would enter the subject as Circle Time into the lesson plan section for that day. Then write in short paragraphs or use bullet points to show what will be discussed during this time frame.

Keeps Parents Informed

Lesson plans and following an age-appropriate curriculum are vital for child development. Parents may inquire about the lesson plans to see what their children are learning. Always be prepared to distribute them upon a parent’s request or make them available in the childcare app that connects to your childcare management software. 

Remember to teach the children at your facility how to read. Reinforce their learning with regular story times throughout the day during circle time and reading hour. 

Optimizes Parent Payments

Choosing software for childcare makes collecting payments from parents easier. You can collect tuition payments in more ways than just cash and check while using one of the many apps for childcare available. 

Giving your parents the option to satisfy their children’s tuition bill with a debit or credit card option means you won’t have as much trouble receiving your payment.

Furthermore, a parent may not have the money in their bank account to use cash or their debit card to pay for one month. So having the option to use a credit card will help a family continue to receive service from your facility while you receive compensation for your service. 

75% of individuals that enroll their children in childcare do so because of employment. Therefore, consider entering the daycare industry for a fruitful career as an entrepreneurial daycare owner.  

Final Thoughts

Childcare management is a skill that only certain people have a knack for. Parents appreciate the time and effort that caregivers lovingly dedicate to their children while they work long hours to support their families. An effective software platform enhances childcare management and its ability to provide a work-life balance for families in your local area.