It’s time to face the facts and say goodbye. After planning our move to the UK for what feels like forever but it’s really only been about four months, I finally feel like things are coming together.

With 11 days until we get on the plane, life is crazy hectic.

I feel like I am neglecting my blog, but the reality is that I just don’t have the time or the energy to sit and write a proper blog post.

A quick update on how the girls are coping

In Short – good.

In long …

My eldest is having a few meltdowns about the unfairness of life, but this is mostly due to the fact that it’s her little sister’s fifth birthday on Saturday. Life sux for her now because I must love her sister more than I do her because why else would her younger sister’s birthday be before her’s … which is literally three weeks later!

The Younger one has slightly regressed and now refuses to get herself dressed or undressed. Considering the changes that are happening, and the disheveled life we’re currently living, I can deal with that. I just have to find an extra 10 minutes in the mornings and evenings in my already busy mom day, but it’s fine. I can do that.

The Party

You may have seen that I’m planning a big combined birthday party/Farewell for them which is happening this Friday. There will be 26 kids there, and about 10 mommies. I am looking forward to it because I don’t really have to do very much. It’s a lovely outdoor venue, the kids are just going to play whilst I catch up with my mommy friends.

I managed to find a local party planner to do the South African & UK decor that I was struggling to find. I’m just so happy I don’t have to do it myself. I’m a Pinterest Fail mom! I will post some pics of the party on Friday.


The goodbyes have already started. It’s hard.

This Friday is going to be fun at the party, but I am dreading the goodbyes that will happen. It took a while to find my kinda people, but now that I have, leaving them is going to be so hard.

My blogging friends have also become so important to me but knowing I won’t see most of them again is very sad. Facebook & Whatsapp isn’t the same as sharing a coffee break, or laughing about who can be the most ridiculous whilst taking selfies!


Cutting Myself Some Slack

The main thing I need to do right now is to cut myself some slack. I’m operating on a higher level of stress, which is fine, I actually cope quite well for a while, but the crash will come.

I had a mini breakdown this morning when I had to throw out a huge bag of my girl’s artwork that I had collected over the past four years. I went through it and took out a few things I know that they will appreciate seeing when they are older. Some of it was memories for me too. But actually throwing that bag away caught me unexpectedly and I had a little cry to myself.

Future breakdowns I’m anticipating:

  • Saying goodbye to Marishka – on Friday. I’m not ready.
  • Dropping my birds off at their new home and saying goodbye to the angel friend who is taking them to love forever. Which is also where my beloved cat was layed to rest. Leaving him behind is something I’m definitely not ready for! At least I know he is in the only other place I’d ever consider for him if he can’t be with me.
  • Driving away from our home. We have never lived in one house together as long as we have in this one. In 12 years!
  • Watching my beloved car drive away by its new owners
  • Watching my girls say goodbye to the besties – broken already.
  • Hugging Ms Chanaynay for the last time.
  • Watching the pet relocation people take my cat to the airport, and praying I see him the next day.
  • And last, but not least, when I set foot on the plane, taking my foot off African soil for what I know will be a very long time. I’m quite sure I will have a mini break down at that point.

I’ll Be Back

I won’t be writing on here until I am settled in the UK. It sounds like so far away, but the reality is that it’s just a few weeks. For those of you who are interested, I am still active on my Instagram account, in particular the Instastories. I’m sure that those of you who aren’t interested in our big move are most likely bored with it all by now. The thing is that it is literally taking over my life and if I’m going to stay true to always being honest, then honestly, I don’t have time to make up stuff. The stuff you will see on there is raw, live, and unedited.

There’s so much to do between now and next week Tuesday, but practically I know I can only do one thing at a time and so this is one more thing I’m ticking off my list.

So this is me, signing off. For now.