This helpful post provides honest advice on how to help your child become more confident. I often worry that my children will take after me. I was a painfully shy child, terrified of standing out in a crowd, terrified of being called upon in class, always feeling awkward and unsure of myself. Even today, unless I can mindfully talk myself out of it, I start to feel nervous and lack all confidence. I don’t want that for my children. I want them to be confident in any situation.

Confidence is important. Introversion is one thing – it’s fine to be quiet, but confidence is what carries us through challenges in life. It’s what gives us the push to try new things and to challenge ourselves.

Disclaimer: This is a guest post

When you worry about your child

If your child isn’t very confident, it’s easy to worry. Shyer children can miss out socially and academically. It can even lead to anxiety in children. This private school in London believes that all children have the capacity to shine – to excel. Helping your child to grow in confidence will help them to excel in their education and social life.

Here are some tips to help your child become more confident in all areas:


Find their ‘thing’

Every child has a ‘thing’. That’s their innate talent. The one thing which makes them stand out among others. Some children’s talent is obvious – they might be a maths whizz or a great singer; maybe they’re amazing at music or acting. But not all children have a talent that’s immediately obvious.

In cases like that, it can be easy for a child to lose confidence. You must help your child in the most active way possible by providing them with as many opportunities as possible to try new things. New sports, new art forms, new dance classes or languages – whatever comes to mind. Get your child involved in something new regularly.

They may well decide that some things just aren’t for them – and that’s fine. This is all part of growing their confidence and helping them find their own strengths. Most classes for children offer taster sessions for free. This is a brilliant way for you to discover more about what your child is interested in.


Small challenges regularly

Set your child small, regular challenges. Simple things to help them gain more confidence. Small steps that don’t overwhelm them and that provide tangible results with achievements that they can be proud of. Each little step will help your child become more confident.

Here are some examples:

  • Volunteer to help at a charity
  • Go littler picking locally
  • Organise some classmates to clean up a local beauty spot
  • Run a book sale

Once your child begins to see results, they will become more aware of their own strengths and abilities. They will feel proud of their achievements and this is where the magic starts to happen, and confidence begins to grow.

My daughter recently volunteered to raise money for a charity close to her heart by committing to a physical challenge. I was so proud of her and I can confirm that it did raise her confidence. She achieved her goal and was proud enough of herself to tell others of her fantastic achievement. Whilst she might still have a way to go to come completely out of her shell, I believe it’s a small step worth taking in the right direction.

I hope this simple advice on how to help your child become more confident will, in some way, help you to help your child. Please feel free to share your child’s success with being more brave in the comments below. We can all use a little bravery inspiration in our lives.