Collaborative Posts where I have been asked to contribute an opinion.

  • The lovely people at asked me to share my expert insight as a parent on the topic of How to teach kids about chore safety in their recent article. I am honoured to have been included. 
  • I was asked to contribute to an article by Foray Motor Group about Ford 50 Years On, as the owner of a Ford Tourneo Custom – the car we use for our family road trip adventures.
  • Wander & Luxe asked for my tips on feeling sexy after motherhood. This was a sponsored post for Anya Lust. Click to find out what I had to say.
  • Age UK Mobility asked me to comment on how to stay in touch with long-distance family. This was particularly special as so many people are now cut off from their loved ones, even if they live down the street from them. Staying in touch with loved ones is so important for all concerned.


Links to where I have been featured in the online media or interviewed during my time as a mommy blogger:


Travel pieces I have written that have been published elsewhere, other than my own blog.

Humour In The Media

I’m a member of the #SmileSquad, a group of contributing authors who have their work published on the YouHaveToLaugh Website. This is strictly for people who did not leave their sense of humour in the delivery room when they became parents. You can read my interview by them and some of my posts which they have published.

Heartfelt Emotional Parenting Pieces

Happy New Mum Contributing Author

I was a contributing author to the Happy New Mum website, a site for moms to get honest and real advice when they are struggling and looking for support and encouragement. The site is no longer accessible, but these are some. of the posts I wrote that appeared on that site:

Huff Post Parents, UK

I have had two posts published on the Huff Post Parents UK Blog of which I am very proud. You can check them out below.