This week has been a big week for the girls. So many exciting and magical things are happening in the run up to Christmas. And then to top it all off, the girls received a special delivery in the mail! A letter from Father Christmas himself! A real actual letter. 

Each letter from Father Christmas was sent in the mail. It was addressed to them, at their address! I mean, how does he know where they live?


How Does He Know? 

He knows where they live. Obviously he received their letters too because he knows what they want for Christmas. In his letter he even mentioned that he saw their best friends present too! I mean, how does he know? 

The Map 

9802e back of the letters is a map of Father Christmas’s letter is a map of his route. It shows the distance that he needs to travel from his lapland workshop. Apparently it’s really cool that it shows he will have to travel 2012 miles to get to us in the UK. But it’s not so cool that he will have to travel 9802 miles to deliver their best friend’s gifts to South Africa. 

Thank goodness he has also sent some of his secret recipe magic reindeer food! It only works on Christmas Eve so I’m keeping it safe for them until then.

There’s More! 

Each of the girls got a certificate to confirm that they have indeed been a Good Child and that they are on the good list, not the naughty list. 

They got two wishing stars each  where they can write a wish each and hang it on the tree. And a bar of chocolate with their name on each. Which is already gone! Obviously. 

To keep them busy until Christmas Eve, there is a festive door hanger to colour in and cut out, a wordsearch, and a card for them to personalise and send on to someone special. 

Thank to you Lapland Letters for sending the girls these special, personalised letters. This has added an extra special layer magic to this festive season. 

You can order your child’s personalised letter from Father Christmas online until the 20th of December! 

Disclaimer: My girls received their individual personalised letters from Father Christmas from the lovely people at Lapland Letters in exchange for this blog post review.