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“Mom Of Two Little Girls” is my personal Parenting Blog featuring Parenting primarily, it is also a Family Travel blog, expat blog and a record of my journey about motherhood. I write about our family travel adventures, parenting my two little girls, and our life in the UK since moving back from South Africa.

I am originally from Zimbabwe but lived in the UK for nearly 10 years before returning to Africa with my husband to start our family. After moving around a bit between Zim and South Africa, we returned to the UK in June 2018.   

Family Travel Blog

Our favourite thing to do as a family is to go on road trips. We love holidays and travel, and going by car as a family of 5 is the best way for us to travel.

It’s not about the destination, for us it’s about the journey. This is something we did when we lived in South Africa, and it’s something we continue to do now that we are back in the UK.

Days out with kids and appreciation for the world around us is something we love to experience. We are always looking for recommendations for new things to do that suit a family of five with two primary school kids, a teenager, and us as parents too.

If you want to know why we travel with kids, please check out my #realmomswhotravel series.

Parenting and Motherhood Blog

I also write about parenting from the perspective of a mother. My daughters are 8 and 6, and I also have a teenage step-daughter who is 16. It’s all fun and games in our house and lots of Estrogen!

I am passionate about good quality education for my girls and teaching them how to be kind and thoughtful. #KindnessMatters

I attempt to inject a sense of humour into my writing, and I’m a huge fan of wine! I am probably a walking, talking mom-cliche’, but that’s okay.

I recently updated my social media to reflect more about me as a person. Whilst I’m still at my core a Parenting blog writer, I am a person too. My socials now focus more on me and my life rather than on the girls. They do pop up from time to time as they are obviously, my world, but I’m on a quest to live a more intentional life as a more well-rounded person, not just a mum!


The Migration Generation Podcast

I’m currently recording a new podcast called The Migration Generation. As someone who is originally from Southern Africa, but who has moved a lot and settled (for now) in a completely different part of the world, I want to chat to other people who have done the same. I am a part of a generation of people who have migrated to live in other parts of the world. Stay tuned, it’s going to be a great conversation.

I love to hear from my followers. It makes me feel like at least I’m not just shouting out into a void. So please do get in touch, ask me questions, and let’s connect.