Finding physically active jobs that help keep you fit and healthy is a great intentional way to incorporate an active lifestyle into your career. These days, staying fit and healthy can be a challenge because of sedentary lifestyles. One of the best ways to overcome this is to actually start a career that requires you to stay fit and healthy. If you’re in the mood for a midlife career change or are interested in going down a different path in life, then this collaborative post offers a few suggestions to keep in mind.

Physically Active Jobs To Consider as a Career

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Work as a courier or postal worker

If you’re looking for physically active jobs that are part-time, have you considered being a courier or postal worker? One of the great things about working as a courier or postal worker is that you can typically get part-time work. This is great if you’re working for Uber Eats or a local post office but still want to continue your regular day job. It’s an excellent supplementary income and is a great way to help you stay fit and healthy. It usually involves a lot of walking, but it can also mean riding around on a bicycle or walking a lot.

These physically active jobs are a great all-round steady way to stay fit and healthy and work around your other interests.

Become a Lifeguard

work as a lifeguard

Becoming a lifeguard is a huge responsibility, so some people absolutely love the role; it can be hugely rewarding. You’ll spend quite a bit of time sitting down and watching over people, but plenty of lifeguards find it helpful to patrol the area they’re responsible for. A physically active job as a lifeguard doesn’t have to be at a beach, and you can get a lifeguard position at an indoor swimming pool or leisure centres too. You’ll obviously need to know how to swim, but that’s something that can definitely keep you healthy and fit.

Consider teaching how to dance

dance teacher

If you love dancing, you might want to consider dance teaching. Dancing is an incredibly expressive art form, and there are so many different styles that it can often be hard to keep up with the latest trends. As a dance teacher, you’ll be working with people of all ages, and you can even change to becoming an instructor for dance groups. It goes without saying that being a dance teacher is a physically active job.

Work as a tour guide

work as a tour guide

Tour guides spend a lot of time on their feet leading people around. This makes it one of the lighter jobs on this list since it’s not as demanding physically, but it’s still a lot of fun and can keep you fit and healthy. Being a tour guide means learning a lot about different areas and landmarks, which can be surprisingly interesting and engaging. In addition to it being a physically active job you will also get to meet lots of people and interact with people from different places.

Become an instructor at a gym

If you spend a lot of time at a gym, you may want to consider becoming a gym instructor or personal trainer. This is a great role for people who have a deep understanding of health and fitness and want to share their knowledge to help others. Finding an instructor role isn’t difficult if there are gyms around your area. You can also consider using your love of the gym to train to be a personal trainer. As physically active jobs go, this is the one most people consider entering into as a career.

Retail Jobs that are physically active

Lastly, if you want a role that keeps you on your feet but isn’t necessarily based on fitness, becoming a sales associate or retail assistant is a great alternative. This role requires you to walk around on the shop floor a lot and interact with customers, making it a surprisingly intense role at times. It’s a physically active job that isn’t traditionally in the fitness category.

If you have any other physically active jobs that you think would fit into this list, please do let me know.