Whilst this isn’t my first UK Christmas, it is the girl’s first Christmas in the UK since we moved back in June. We were invited to take the girls to the Santa’s Grotto at the Wyevale Garden Centre. 

Christmas in Africa is all about hot day, swimming in the pool, splashing in the ocean, braaing, etc. It is always festive and Christmassy, in a Southern Hemisphere way.

But, the ideal of a Christmas holiday is presented to the world as wintery. Christmas cards never have images of a barbecue on them, they have a sleigh, or a snow-covered tree. And it’s magical. But for people who have never experienced that image it can almost seem ‘fake’. Hard to relate to.

I know that’s ironic considering the subject matter. I mean, an old man in a red suit, flying through the air in a sleigh drawn by reindeer and delivering toys to the children of the world in one night! Even with the time difference, there’s no other way to describe it but … ‘magical’. 

After a really really long year, I just want this Christmas to be as magical for them as possible. My eldest is 7. I am not sure she will ‘believe’ for much longer, and once she doesn’t, neither will her little sister. That’s just the way it goes. 

The Magic Of Christmas by Wyevale! 

The Carr Gate Wyevale Garden Centre have got the most amazing Christmas shop in their store too. The sheer variety of Christmas decorations is mind-blowing. 

Update: This garden centre has now rebranded so I have removed the links to them as their old site no longer exists.

Mind Blowing!!! Check this out! 

Magical Winter Wonderland and Santa’s Grotto! 

The lovely people at Carr Gate Wyevale Garden Centre have got an amazing experience through their magical Christmas wonderland. It’s truly magical and beautiful. The elves who greet your kids even have a special surprise waiting for them. Seriously, check out how magical it is. 

So what exactly is there? 

Well the walk through the experience doesn’t cost anything, but in order to see Santa the tickets cost £10 each. Here’s a list of what you get for that.

  • A meeting with Santa’s helpers, who chat to your child and help your child to plant a magic seed. 
  • Santa’s elves then lead your children (and you) into Santa’s Grotto.
  • They get to meet Santa!
  • They place their seeds in a magic box. 
  • After a little time chatting, they get a photo taken with the big man himself!
  • Just before saying goodbye, they get to reopen their box to discover that their magic seed has grown into a cute little conifer.
  • When they are finished with Santa, they get to decorate their little tree as well. 

After the experience, you have the option of buying the picture taken with santa as part of a package. Think key rings, baubles, framed photographs etc. 

When we were done with meeting Santa we got some refreshments from the garden centre tea-room. It was lovely. Thank you to the lovely people from the Wyevale Garden Centre. 

Disclaimer: We received a complimentary experience to Santa’s Grotto. All thoughts and opinions are my own.