I am happy to work with brands and outreach organisations. If you’re looking to work with me, the following terms and conditions apply.

I offer the following different options for working with me:

Sponsored Posts

A sponsored post is a post written by me. I create the content either as a product/experience review or as a concept about a particular idea/niche.

The post is written by myself with clear guidelines and objectives being provided by the client. 

All sponsored posts include a link to one domain provided by the client. Including links to additional domains will be charged for. 

Guest Post

This is a pre-written guest post supplied by the client or the client’s outreach executive.

See below for terms & conditions.

Please note that all guest posts must be written to fit into my niche: Parenting, family lifestyle and family travel. I do not accept Adult Content, CBD links or Casino links.

Resource Updates

If you wish for me to update existing content on my site and link out to a new resource, I charge a nominal admin fee for this service. 


The following terms & conditions apply:

All Guest Posts & Link Insert agreements must comply with the following guidelines:

  1. Post content is to be approved by Carly Crawford.
  2. Guest posts must be more than 600 words
  3. Carly Crawford reserves the right to edit copy received in guest posts.
  4. The disclaimer “This is a contributed post” will be used in the post as per legal requirements.
  5. Up to two links allowed within the guest post to the same domain – additional links will incur an additional fee.
  6. Guest posts will not be shared on social media, unless agreed in advance. Note this will incur an additional fee.
  7. Payment is required 3 days from post publishing.
  8. A PayPal admin fee applies in addition to the agreed price.
  9. A PayPal email will be required to submit an invoice to.
  10. Late payment will be subject to daily late payment charges of £5 per day. I reserve the right to remove posts for late payment.
  11. Additional change requests to posts already approved will be subject to an admin fee of £10 per update.
  12. Requests for removal of links or deletion of posts still requires payment in full if requests are made after publication of posts.
  13. Posts will be published within 72 hours of being received unless otherwise stated. Posts received on a Friday, will be published by the following Monday.

Any questions, please feel free to contact me.