Right, that’s it, I’m calling it. Christmas 2020 is officially the year of the Ugly Christmas Jumpers! If there is one thing we can categorically agree on, is that 2020 has been a year like no other! Christmas 2020 isn’t looking like the silver lining we were all hoping for either. And so if there was ever a year to be silly, let loose, and not worry about what everyone thinks it’s Christmas 2020!

3 Reasons to wear an Ugly Christmas Jumper in 2020

As if we actually need a reason or an excuse, here are 3 reasons to wear an Ugly Christmas Jumper in 2020, that no one can deny!

  1. You won’t be seeing anyone unless it’s via Zoom! So forget about having to be stylish and sensible and instead indulge in your ultimate Christmas Jumper fantasy and buy the ugliest Christmas jumper you can find. And then wear it all the time!
  2. It’s likely you won’t be going anywhere, but you might need more than one, just so that it looks like you actually changed your clothes when you look back on the million and one selfies you took that year you spent Christmas in lockdown 2020. So instead of buying just one ugly Christmas jumper, you might need two or three!
  3. Ugly Christmas Jumpers make the best gifts! You can buy them for your nan, your mum, your kids, and your bestie! There’s surely one for everyone! And everyone deserves one too! Even the dog!

Matching Ugly Christmas Jumpers for Mums and Dads

Recently a friend of mine confessed that she’d ordered her whole family a set of matching Christmas Pyjamas. I’m 100% sure my husband would never go for that, but I might be tempted to get matching Christmas jumpers or Pjs for the girls and I.

Have you ever done that?

Here are some cute matchy matchy husband and wife ugly Christmas jumpers that would be fun! lol

ugly christmas jumpers for couples
Shark Attack Christmas Jumper
Mom Of Two Little Girls | A Parenting blogger based in Yorkshire, raising strong girls in a modern world.
Paddy’s Day Christmas Jumper

Ugly Christmas Jumpers For Kids

My kids typically love Christmas jumper day at school. This year, I’m going to send them in the gaudiest, ugliest, loudest Christmas jumpers I can. Now I guess there aren’t exactly ugly, but they are super cute!

What type of Christmas jumper do your kids usually want? Ugly and whacky, or cute and stylish?

christmas jumpers for kids
Mom Of Two Little Girls | A Parenting blogger based in Yorkshire, raising strong girls in a modern world.
Mom Of Two Little Girls | A Parenting blogger based in Yorkshire, raising strong girls in a modern world.

Don’t forget the Dog!

Now if you’re going to buy the whole family an ugly Christmas jumper, why stop there? Why not get the dog an ugly Christmas jumper too? I mean, he/she is part of the family too, aren’t they?

ugly christmas jumper for the dog

2020, the year of Christmas For Mums!

Personally, I typically spend Christmas day cooking! And then when lunch is over, I do the washing up. However, this year, I’m very tempted to do NOTHING! Which I know probably won’t happen, because, mom guilt! But I’m pretty sure I’ll be buying myself a pair of these, regardless! lol

wine socks for moms

If you like any of these jumpers do click through to the websites and have a look at the various options available. There are some really fun ugly Christmas jumpers available online, however, I would strongly recommend you buy sooner rather than later as stocks are already low! And if you do order any, please do tag me in the pictures on social media! I’d love to see them!

Whatever you end up doing in Christmas 2020, I do hope you have a merry good time and don’t worry, it’ll all be over eventually! Before you know it we’ll be deep in the January Blues and all this will be a distant memory!


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