Hitting 70 is a great milestone that should be celebrated with a 70th birthday card. It’s important to make this card truly special. Don’t forget to get a present that goes along well with a birthday card for your grandmother, grandfather, or another elderly person who is dear to you, and you are ready to go to that celebration. But first, check out Boomf and its collection of 70th birthday cards. You are bound to find the right one for your celebrant there.

How to Choose the Perfect 70th Birthday Card

Finding the perfect 70th birthday card can be tricky. You want something special but not too over the top. Here are some tips to help you find the right card for your friend or loved one.

  • Think about what the person’s favourite hobby or activity is. Over the years, they must have honed their skills to perfection or assembled a massive collection — whatever that is, it’s worth celebrating, so pick a card with an appropriate design.
  • A 70th birthday card can also hail their achievements, interests, and accomplishments, in a serious, sentimental, or funny way.
  • Finally, consider what the person’s personality is like. Is the person bashful or outgoing? Are they sentimental or practical? These factors can also help you choose the right 70th birthday card for your friend or loved one.
70th birthday party celebration

What to Write in a 70th Birthday Card

When you know how to write 70th birthday cards, what to write should be easy. Writing 70th birthday cards is dependent on the celebrant’s characteristics. People that have lived for 70 years have reached a point in their lives where they have a lot of memories they like to go back to. Write a wish or letter that will make them reminisce about their younger selves. It can be slang from the times of their youth, pictures of their younger selves, or even old music that was popular during their time. It can be a singing birthday card or a verse of the song written in the card.

With all the tools we have now, finding and personalizing a 70th birthday card to make it as unique as possible is no problem. And the time and effort you put into it will definitely be appreciated.