In just over three weeks time, we will be getting on a plane and flying off to start our new life in the UK. It’s crazy that we’re already counting the days now. 6 months ago, this wasn’t even on the cards for us, but I am at that stage now when I can’t wait to leave.

It’s not that I want to leave South Africa, or Africa as a whole at all. It’s more about the fact that I am excited to get to the UK now and to start our new life there. Unfortunately though, circumstances what they are, I am still here. My husband left 3 weeks ago, and it’s been tough without him. Really tough.

People keep asking me, “Are you ready? Are you packed? Is everything sorted?” 

Short answer, “No.”

I’m being a bit of an ostrich, I am quite literally the Queen of Procrastination. That said, I did get through a lot this week. I managed to clear out most of the cupboards, and generally downsizing all the ‘stuff’ that seems to collect.

Chux-originalThe worst part of all this is all the cleaning that needs to be done. The house has started to empty as I sell of bits and pieces of furniture. And every time a piece of furniture is moved, I see the dirty marks on the walls. Most of it is thanks to the kids. No surprise there!

When the press drop from Chux arrived, I was so chuffed! It was exactly what I needed and is perfectly timed.

It came in the cutest little orange bucket that says, “Welcome to the Chux journey” on the top.

Inside is a cleaning treasure trove. Did I mention that I love their slogan – #likeitneverhappened! Isn’t that the ultimate cleaning goal?


The Original Chux

Included in the pack was  all this:

  • A pack of 10 Original Superwipes #originalsuperwipes
  • Non-Scratch scourer pads #scourerpads
  • Heavy Duty Scourer scrubs #scourerscrubs
  • Heavy Duty Scourer pads #scourerpads
  • A Magic Eraser #magiceraser
  • 2 Super Absorbent cloths

Everything you need for whatever life chux at you.



I have to say that the quality of the products has really impressed me. I am officially a Chux Fan.

Whilst all the products are great, my favourite has to be the Super Absorbent cloths. As a mom I find there are spills all over the place, all the time. These cloths really have made a difference for me.


Thanks Chux!

Next on my list of things to clear out will be all the paperwork that seems to collect, the magazines that need to be recycled, and the linen cupboard. I can’t take it all with me!