Today, out of sheer desperation I decided to get the girls busy making something, anything at this stage. Refer back to my post from yesterday –  They Are Still On Holiday where I whinge about how bored we all are. 

One of them got some permanent markers for Christmas – they could have only come from someone who has no kids or hates me!

Anyway, having had them locked away for a couple of weeks (the markers, not the kids I promise) I decided to take them out and to let the girls loose with them.

I found an old pink baby cot sheet at the back of my linen cupboard, tore it into four squares and told them to draw whatever they want.

This backfired slightly since they are only 3 and 5 and therefore they needed me to help them draw the outlines of the hearts, butterflies and flowers … and spider (don’t ask).

They did two sides each, the front has their names on and the back is the picture in the featured photo.

When they were done I redrew over the faint outlines in a thick permanent marker, sewed them up and voila!

It kept us busy for about two hours and they absolutely love them. In reality it also cost me nothing! So it was a win win for all of us.

Happy girls, happy mommy.