It’s time. Time to discuss the very touchy subject of trimming my bush! This morning marks three weeks since my bushes were trimmed.

Every day I can see less and less and besides that, there’s a principle at play here.

This is a task that is normally carried out by the gardeners employed by our body corporate – a service we pay for. I have been trying to ignore it and give them the benefit of the doubt; maybe they just forgot; maybe they didn’t see because the car was parked in the way. Then yesterday they came past mowing the lawn, weeding, etc but still they neglected my bushes.

Obviously I’m referring to the ones growing outside my kitchen window – really! Get your mind out the gutter please?

At 07.30 this morning I’d had enough and was about to sms the groundskeeper and complain. I was drafting the sms in my head. The options went something like this:

It’s been three weeks since my bush was trimmed … (Discarded – try again)

Please would you send someone to trim my bush … (Discarded – try again)

I’m trimming my bush, please can you send a team to tidy up … (Discarded again)

At that point I was embarrassing myself.

I took the hedge trimmers and hacked at the offensive bushes myself.

The garden service team will be round later today so I will ask them face to face to clean up the mess for me – using as few words as possible!

Is it too early for puns?

Have a good day everyone!

R is for Hoppit