Over the Christmas holidays, we stayed with friends that we hadn’t been on holiday with before. It’s always a little stressful going away with people for the first time. It can either make or break a friendship.

I was also worried about my husband getting bored. Yes, him. Not the kids! Him!

During my Christmas shopping expedition, I bought a board game, something I don’t normally do, and something I was sure at the time I was probably wasting my money on. I guess if nothing else, I could give it away as a last-minute gift should I need to. I didn’t, thank goodness.

The game was Battle of the Sexes, and it was AWESOME! The long and short of it is basically the men are on one team and the women are on another. The men ask the women a series of typical male-orientated questions and vice versa.

For example:

  • Q Men to women: When a lunker steals your stringer, what are you doing?
  • A: Fishing


  • Q Women to Men: A wand is often used for applying what type of make-up?
  • A: Mascara.

It really makes you see your partner in a new light, so be prepared.

As most of my readers and followers are moms or dads, which probably means that around 90% of us are staying in tonight for Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be a fun idea to put together a few light-hearted questions you and your partner could ask each other tonight to test the memories of your relationship.

Here are a few ideas for the ladies to ask the men:

  1. What is the name of the first movie we ever watched together?
  2. What is my favourite restaurant?
  3. What is my favourite perfume?
  4. What is the washing powder brand we use?
  5. Where are the keys supposed to be kept?

Here are a few for the men to ask the ladies:

  1. Who do we bank with?
  2. What is the registration number of my car?
  3. Where are my socks?
  4. Where is the remote?
  5. When can we go to bed?

Just kidding – I’m not a man, how should I know what they want to ask?! Although I’m pretty sure no. 5 is somewhere on their list?

Top Tips:

  • Keep it light
  • Keep it short
  • Don’t get offended
  • Drink some wine!

My question to my husband today (just to test if he’s reading this) – do you recognise the featured image of this post? Where is it from? Love you.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.