I’ve been doing some research, considering different ways in which I can diversify my income. And I’ve been considering selling some merchandise via my blog. In this post, I share the top 10 Merchandise Products for Mum Bloggers and ask you, which of these items are you most likely to buy from your favourite mum bloggers?

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.

Many mums have taken to working from themselves from home to try to strike that ‘ideal’ work-life-parenting balance. Some turn to being a Virtual Assistant, some to blogging, some to copy-writing, there are actually loads of different jobs you can do working from home.

As a Stay-at-home-mum, I have managed to carve a bit of an income for myself from this blog, as well as through my freelance copyediting and social media training business. However, as my girls get older, and life settles down a bit more, I have been considering a few different ideas of ways to diversify my income. I mean, I already wrote a book, and I guess I could do more of those. But I have the attention span of a gnat sometimes! When I see new shiny things, and I want to try them all.

Another option would be to sell some merchandise to sell via this blog. This post is a bit of a fishing expedition to tell you all what I’m considering offering, and then to ask you which of these are products that you would be interested in. So here goes … the top 10 merchandise products for mum bloggers. Please … be brutally honest!

The Top 10 Merchandise Products For Mum Bloggers Who Want To Diversify Their Income!

10 Merchandise Products For Mum Bloggers

1. Coffee Mugs

Everyone loves coffee mugs with funny quotes on or seasonally inspired coffee mugs. Tea/Coffee mugs come in so many different shapes and size that the options here are endless. Here are a few slogans I was thinking of … no, I’m not original. I’ve picked ones that I myself would love!

  • Coffee Until Wine
  • Wake Up And Be Awesome
  • First I do the Coffee, then I do the talking.
  • Instant human, just add coffee.
  • Okayest Mum Ever!

2. Wine Glasses

As my regular followers will know, I do like the odd glass of wine at home on days that end with a ‘y’. I gave up trying to keep a set of 4 or 6 wine glasses. I always end up with an odd number of wine glasses. The solution here is to buy personalised novelty wine glasses, one at a time. The idea of wine glasses for mums is one I’ve had for ages. I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to wine glass ideas. Check it out. The slogans for these are endless.


3. Mum Slogan T-shirts

During lockdown, I bought two t-shirts online based purely on the funny slogans. The first one said,

“Quarantine, what us introverts wanted all along.”

And the second one said,

“Mind your own Motherhood.”

These are both slogans I can relate to. These days it’s so easy to create your own t-shirt mockup, and you can either choose to source your own plain t-shirts and get the printer to do the printing, or they might even have some t-shirts available themselves. It sounds straightforward, and I’m dying to give it a try.

The question is, would you buy t-shirts from a blogger?

4. Gin Glasses

When we go out for a nice meal, I usually treat myself to a fancy Gin & Tonic. They always taste so much better when made by someone else … will the trimmings. But what often makes the drink the most fun and fancy, is the gin glass itself. I’m talking about the good old fishbowl style gin glass … the ones where you need two hands to balance the thing and bring it up to your face. My idea here is to sell individual personalised gin glasses so that mums like me can enjoy their G&T at home in a fancy glass.

Gin & Tonic Glass

5. Thermal Bottles

This might seem a bit strange for a mum blogger to consider, but think about it, we all have one. Heck, most of us have more than 1. We probably have about 5 bottles, but only 4 lids. Am I right? Well Branded thermal bottles are a thing, and why not try to sell a few with my own logo and slogan on? Again, the question is, would you buy a thermal bottle from me? I’m guessing, in this case, the quality of the bottle itself would be quite important. No one would want to buy a cheap one that doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do, even if it has a funny, classy or sarcastic slogan splashed all over it! What would be the most important factor for you here?

6. Tote Bags For Busy Mums

I don’t know about you, but I can never have enough of these! With the whole world going contactless crazy, I barely carry my handbag around anymore. I pay for everything using my phone, so when I do need a bag, I prefer to quickly grab one of the cool tote bags that I have hanging on the back of my kitchen door. They are easy to clean, lightweight, fold up into nothing, and are far better for the environment than plastic bags. I also keep a couple in the car, in case I buy too many things in the store and needs a bag. I’d rather struggle to the car and load the tote bag there than buy a plastic bag. I quite like the idea of getting some tote bags printed. What do you think?

Merchandise products for mum bloggers

7. Hoodies For Gangsta Mums!

Hoodies are life. Mums of our generation (the nearly 40s, not quite 50 yet) grew up on 90s gangsta rap! Hoodies to us are cool as, and we would rather wear hoodies than heals any day! I have a hoodie for 5 days a week, and I think I need to make that 7 so that I have one for each day of the week. In fact, that’s a fab idea. I’ll put the days of the week on different colour hoodies and voila! We won’t even have to think of which one to wear on which day. The mum uniform is sorted! Who wants a Friyay one? Buy it with a new wine glass and get free delivery. In the words of Joey, these babies will sell themselves!

8. A branded power bank!

Because we always run out of battery power. As merchandise products for mum bloggers go, this is probably the least considered option, but hear me out … again! Think of all those hours spent scrolling TikTok in the car waiting for your kids to finish an afternoon activity. You can’t run the engine to charge your phone, because, hello … the polar bears. Never mind all the times when we hand our phones over to the kids in desperation to get them to sit still in the waiting room. The worst part of that is when your phone battery dies. Never fear! Dig deep into your tote bag, haul out the power bank, and your crying child is instantly soothed.

9. Phone Cases For Mums!

Whilst we’re on the topic of phones, what about some cool phone cases? Personally, I prefer functionality over fashion. I want to know that when my kid drops my phone from 4ft up that it’s going to bounce back up again and be fine! I guess the problem here is that most of those style phone covers are pretty ugly. I’d love to get a pretty and functional phone case. If I were to go down this road, one of the biggest issues could be the sheer number of different phones to cater for—something to think about though.

10. Reclaimed Wooden Pot Plants

Something I’m passionate about is “reduce, reuse, recycle“. I’d love to get some pot plant holders made up out of old pallets or something similar and have them crafted into pretty pot plant holders. I think this would be perfect for all our new work from home offices. Even stay-at-home-moms want a little corner somewhere that they can call their office, where they sit and manage the household budget, write some blog posts and maybe even write in those Christmas cards before it’s New Year! A lovely pot plant with a happy little saying on would be perfect!

So there you have it. My Top 10 merchandise products for mum bloggers. If you’re looking for some more ideas, here are 25 businesses you can do from home.

What do you think? Which of these products would you take your hard-earned money and buy as a little treat for yourself? Please let me know in the comments.

Disclaimer: This is a Sponsored Post.