GIFTED: There’s no greater feeling than the joy that comes from giving. During these difficult times, when we’re forced to stay home and to stay away from your loved ones, you can start to feel guilty. Guilty that you can’t be there with your loved ones during what is, without a doubt, one of the most difficult situations any of us have lived through as a society. Sometimes you just want to tell your loved ones far away that you are thinking of them, that you haven’t forgotten them. Here are 10 ways to let your loved ones far away know you’re thinking of them.

10 ways to let your loved ones far away know you're thinking of them

Sending Joy To Loved Ones Far Away

What brings more joy and happiness than sending someone a gift that brings them pure joy and happiness. Moonpig has a new campaign on at the moment which says it all really, the Let Happiness Bloom campaign so send a special loved one, friend or colleague a gorgeous bunch of flowers, or even a living plant. **See below for a 25% off code**

Moonpig sent me this stunning bouquet of flowers. They also gave me the gift of sending on two floral gifts to spread happiness even further. The recipients haven’t received them yet so I won’t spoil their surprise. Stay tuned!

Flowers from Moonpig

I live far away from most of my family and close friends. Even though some are in the same country as me, they are all really far to visit regularly. They stretch from London and Essex up to Fife in Scotland. But none of them are around the corner. To be able to order gifts and cards online and have them delivered so quickly is great.

How To Let Your Loved Ones Know You’re Thinking Of Them

Here are 10 ways to let your loved ones far away know you’re thinking of them during these unsettled and strange times we’re living in:

  1. Get your kids to make a card or write an old fashioned letter and post it in the mail. Everyone loves to receive mail in the post. You could fill it with little treasures from them. Things like a picture, some glitter or confetti, or even dried flower petals.
  2. Organise a group conference call or chat with other family or friends who are far away. You can do this using a number of different online meeting services that are available at the moment. My youngest sister turned 30 last week and her friends organised a surprise group chat. It was lots of fun.
  3. Sending flowers by ordering online – Moonpig has a great selection of gorgeous flowers and plants to choose from – (*see below for a discount code when ordering via their app).
  4. Order online baked cookies or cakes and have them delivered and left on their doorstep. There are loads of local businesses offering this service, not just now but before the pandemic too. The best place to find them is on Facebook.
  5. Send a care package containing a few special and essential items that you know they would really appreciate. You can put a care package together yourself and send it in the mail. Or you can order one online from a ‘local to them’ service.
  6. Order and deliver online groceries to their home. This is something we do for our family in South Africa who find it difficult to get out and about themselves. It’s not something we can do all the time, but every now and then we do and they are so grateful.
  7. Send a video message of yourself to them. It was my mom’s 60th birthday at the end of March. She’s in Zimbabwe and whilst they had planned a big surprise birthday party, it did have to be postponed. We sadly wouldn’t have been able to go anyway. I recorded my girls reading out a poem to her. Then we did a video message as a whole family and sent it to her on her birthday. There were tears, but it’s something special that I know she cherishes.
  8. Order them a book they would love and have it delivered to them. Amazon has great paperback books. Or even a magazine subscription.
  9. Organise an online games night with your loved ones far away. You can find one organised by a third-party app, or take the bull by the horns and create one of your own. Even if this isn’t something you’d normally do when you see each other, it’s great fun to do online. My bonus daughter had her first group quiz night online using Zoom and they had great fun trying to answer questions about each other.
  10. Buy them a learning experience that you know is something they would love to do but maybe haven’t considered doing themselves. There are loads of free courses on at the moment too – everything from learning a new language to flower arranging or how to do your own make-up.
never miss an opportunity to tell someone how much they mean to you

Being Apart During A Worldwide Pandemic!

I know it’s really hard to be apart from our loved ones right now. I know some people would think that because we already live far away from our family that this won’t make much of a difference to our day to day life, and you’d be right. However, just because we wouldn’t have been seeing them anyway, doesn’t make it any easier.

The situation we’re all living in is out of our control. We always had the peace of mind that we’d be able to move heaven and earth to get to our loved ones if they needed us. Turns out heaven and earth did not include a worldwide pandemic with the cancellation of all flights! To have the option taken away from us is an anxious and bitter pill to swallow. We pray every day that this is something we worry about unnecessarily.

Let Happiness Bloom with Moonpig – And get 25% Off!

So, if you want to spread a little happiness, send a little joy, and brighten someone’s day, send them a bunch of flowers with Moonpig! If you download the app and place your order using the code APP25BLOOM you will get 25% on flowers until the 25th of May! It couldn’t be easier to let your loved ones far away know you’re thinking of them.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any other great ideas for letting your loved ones far away know you’re thinking of them.

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how to let your loved ones know you're thinking of them

Dislcaimer: I was gifted flowers for sharing details of the Moonpig ‘Let Happiness Bloom’ Campaign.