You get to a certain point in your life when you realise what your limits are. You are comfortable enough in your life, and confident and secure enough to know exactly what you will or will not do, how far you are prepared to go, where the boundaries lie! Here is my list of 10 things that I just won’t do.

You can laugh, you can judge me, you can call me a bad person, but I know myself well enough. I have set my own limits in life.  Here are 10 of those …

1. Parallel Park

I would rather drive around the block five times, park three blocks away and walk, or even go to a different store on a different day, than have to parallel park!


2. Empty pockets before loading the washing machine.

No, I don’t care if I wash your passport or £1000! I don’t care! If you left it in your pockets, it’s not my problem. IF you do have a problem, you can load your own clothes in the washing machine! And IF by chance I did find £1000 in a pocket, well, finders keepers!


3. Buy sausages in a jar.



4. Leave the last cookie – ever!

I mean, if I left it uneaten when I’d eaten all its friends, what kind of monster would I be?? (Mom – you know it would be jealous!)


5. Say no to wine.

I mean, if someone is going to offer me a glass of wine, why would I say no? That’s just plain rude!


6. Run.

Ever!!! The last time I ran, I nearly died! My husband even asked me what was wrong with me, and he was less than impressed when my answer was “I RAN!”. Let’s just say there are other ways to get fit. I don’t do them either, but that’s not the point!

7. Add sugar to coffee.

Although it’s not because I’m against sugar, see 4 above! It’s just that coffee is mom fuel for me, and I just don’t really feel very sweet in the morning!


8. Wear socks with sandals!

No matter how much of my life I spend living in Europe, this will never, ever happen!


9. Allow Peppa Pig into my house.

Not in any way, shape or form! She is a nasty spiteful little brat and no good can come of watching her shows!


10. Volunteer for the PTA!

Nah-ah! Nope! Happy to help out when it’s required, or if there is a some kind of schedule! But to volunteer? Nope! #sorrynotsorry.


So … what’s your limit? Is there something that you just won’t do? I’m sure there is! Share it with me in the comments below. Like I always say, none of us are perfect!

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