Today we had a lovely unplanned day out in York. All I was planning to do was go to the bank. What I got instead was memories made with my girls. New memories, to build on top of my old memories.

The York Museum Gardens

After parking up at the Museum car park, we parked into town through the Museum Gardens. When we got to the other side we encountered the pigeon whisperer, a real-life old man who the park pigeons trust. He hand-feeds them and was kind enough to let the girls and I have a try. I say ‘kind enough’ – he was quite forceful and insistent actually, but I’m glad he was.

I held some pigeons in the palm of my hand for a minute. They gave me more undivided attention at that moment than I get from my children on a daily basis! {Photo taken by my lovely bonus daughter}.

museum gardens york

Betty’s Tea Rooms

From there we wandered past Betty’s Tea Rooms – a place I have walked past 1000s of times in my life, but have never been in to. Betty’s is an institution in Yorkshire. They have a number of tea rooms throughout the county, and one day I’m sure I will go. I always love their window displays which are themed depending on the season: Easter eggs, Christmas scenery, all from chocolate and other delicious looking cake creations.

I’m not sure I’m posh enough or touristy enough to go in, although it is a secret desire of mine! One day, on a fancy day out in York, when I’m a grown-up, I will drink tea and eat fancy cake from Betty’s Tea Rooms. But until then … my youngest wiped her nose on my arm about 30 seconds after I took this picture. #momlife


York Festivals on Parliament Street

Parliament Street was alive with festivity as The Great Yorkshire Fringe Festival is currently on! I could have easily spent a few hours there, sipping on gin, watching the world go by. But no, alas it was not meant to be. Instead, I had to corral two little girls whose only purpose in life was to find ice-cream!!!

Do you know how hard it is to walk forwards as a parent with kids? F.O.R.W.A.R.D.S !

The act of trying to walk forwards, whilst clinging on to your offsprings wrists trying not to topple over all other pedestrians. They are so busy looking at all the sights around them and being distracted by every movement out of the corner of their eye, that walking forwards and avoiding oncoming fellow pedestrians is not on their list of priorities!

Seeing all the amazing and new sights through their eyes was really good though. Everything was new and exciting, and very English. They loved it.

I eventually made it to the bank, which is right next door to the Disney Store. Fortunately, they didn’t dwell on that! After queuing for five whole minutes, during which time I decided to pretend the children weren’t mine, we were eventually done!

Shopping in York

From there we needed to find Primark as my step-daughter has assured me that I would be able to find swimming costumes there for the girls. Thank goodness, on the way there we found an ice-cream cart! £4 lighter ‘we’ continued on. Willingly!


The Coppergate Shopping Centre

On entering the Coppergate Shopping centre the girls excitedly pointed out the most colourful awesome sight above us. This … no more words are necessary!!


Stunning – right??


We made it to Primark! All I have wanted to get since I got to the U.K. are a few strappy loose-fitting summer tops. lt has been so hot that I am struggling! Me, who grew up in Zimbabwe and survived two pregnancies there, as well as living in the Northern Cape and the Free State South Africa! I am struggling!

Anyway, upon entering Primark the girls quickly reminded me that this is their show! I am not to be allowed to enjoy myself too much, and shopping for myself is reaching too far above my station in their lives!!!?

So we proceeded to the kids section. It was basically filled with reversible sequins tops, JoJo Siwa clothing, denim dungarees shorts, and baby stuff. No swimming costumes!

I did manage to get a few things on our unplanned day out in York, which included:

  • A cooler bag for hubby to take to work (it’s lime green & turquoise blue but who cares when it only cost £3!
  • A pineapple and a hamburger bath sponge(£1 each)
  • 50 hair elastics (£1)
  • A key-ring for me – a rose cold letter C! (£1.50)
  • 2 hair bows for the girl’s (£1.50 each)
  • A black strappy top for me!!! How dare I #whatabitch (£6)
  • Other non-essential but pretty tat!

Coney Street

From there we headed to Coney Street, which, when I was last there was the High Street of York. I did have to stop and show the girls the building that daddy helped build about 14 years ago which now houses H&M. They were suitably impressed but extremely hungry! Starving, apparently, despite the ice-cream 1/2 an hour prior!!

I have to say it was quite sad to see Coney street almost deserted and neglected. The demise of the British High Street is evident here. But, I did get this snap of the stunning St Martins Church clock!


The River Ouse and York Bridges

We managed to make it to Lendal Bridge without the girl’s passing out due to starvation! I was so excited to show them the Ouse River and the Aviva building where I worked for most of the time I lived in York 12 to 8 years ago!

They were suitably impressed, but the impression lasted a whole 20 seconds before they were distracted from that and their hunger by the ducks in the river!

Thank goodness mommy eventually found a reasonably priced sandwich shop and we took our food & drinks back into the Museum Gardens for an impromptu picnic!


After an awesome day out in York it was time to head home. There was so much we didn’t get to do:

  • The York Minster
  • The Shambles
  • Whip-ma-whop-ma-gate
  • Riverboat down the Ouse
  • The Jorvik Viking Centre
  • A drink at a pub along the river
  • The York City Walls
  • A Ghost Walk
  • The Yorkshire Railway Museum

So … we will be back.

But there is no rush, we have time. Lots of time to come!

If you’re looking for more insight into these places, here is a list of the 10 Best Things to do in York.

Time For Reflection


A few people have asked me if it feels the same or different being back. Are we happy. Are the girls happy?

After today, our day out in York, I am definitely happy to say that I am happy to be back in the UK and Yorkshire. Yes!! Absolutely.

Are the girls adjusting?

Yes – thanks in a large part to the awesome weather and their lovely school! But we are tired, them and myself. We haven’t had a break since April.

Is my anxiety better?

Yes! But that’s a whole other post!

For me, being back is strange. I do feel ‘back’, but I also feel like I never left. But then I look at these two … and I realise that the ‘me now’ and the ‘me then’ are two completely different people. I barely remember that person. I love the ‘me now’ version of me. I’m proud of her. She has a purpose in life. I have them!

They don’t define me, but they make me a better person. They make me, a mom.

We had an awesome day out in York, albeit unplanned. We need to go back to make the most of it! There is more to see, explore and experience.