Bathing your children is important for a number of reasons. Bathing them helps to keep them clean and prevents the spread of bacteria and viruses. Bathing them also helps to keep their skin healthy by removing dirt, sweat, and other substances that can irritate their skin. It is important that you bathe your child regularly because this will help to prevent the development of rashes and other issues. However, bathing slippery excited kids is not easy. You need to be careful and keep them safe in the bathroom. Here are some essential bathroom safety tips for children that will help you do just that.

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Add bathtub support

Bathtubs are constructed using porcelain-enamelled steel, thermoformed acrylic, or fibreglass reinforced polyester. These materials make the structure hard and pose a danger to your children if they accidentally hit their head on it. Some tubs aren’t ergonomic and can affect your child’s posture with prolonged use. It would be best to use support such as a tub pillow for back and head. These pillows are soft to provide comfort and ergonomic features to make the tub safe to use. The support comes with suction cups that keep the pillow in place as your child uses the tub. 

Prevent accidental slips

Besides support like a pillow for bathtub, you should use non-slip mats and strips on the bathtub’s surface. Also, direct your child to sit down when bathing to avoid slipping. When they get out of the bath you should take extra care to make sure that they don’t slip on water that has splashed out onto the floor. Sometimes, using a mop to dry it may not help much. It would be best to install an anti-slip map.

Alternatively, you can opt for a Bamboo shower floor, which is non-slippery. If you can’t get any of those, as mentioned earlier, you can go for non-slip floor treatment for tile and stone. The end goal should be to make the bathroom as safe as possible for you and your child.

Keep an eye on them

Children are playful, and that can be fatal when using a bathtub. It would be best to be present when the child uses the structure since your child can drown in a few inches of water. Even if you use bathing aids such as bath rings and seats, your presence is essential. While at it, ensure that the water is at the right temperature. You should keep things like shampoo far away and locked to avoid accidental ingestion affecting the child’s health.

Install a door latch

Sometimes, safety measures such as using a support like a pillow for the bathtub can’t beat preventive measures. Install mechanical hardware such as a latch on the door at an adult height. This will prevent your child from accessing the bathtub in your absence. Ensure you can unlock it even if the door is locked inside since that can happen with your child in the bathroom.

Your child is a treasure you need to take care of, even when bathing. Due to runaway bathroom accidents, ensure that you use a support such as a tub pillow for the back and head. These add-ons with other safety measures ensure that your child is safe inside and outside the bathtub. However, make a point of purchasing these items from reputable manufacturers to get all the necessary safety features.