When you work from home and are the one responsible for the school run, it’s not always possible to attend workshops and events. When I saw that there was a workshop organised for bloggers that was timed perfectly with the school run, and was within driving distance, I was super excited to be able to go. The workshop was organised by Blog Up North, and was based in Wakefield. It was a collaboration between bloggers, vloggers and local businesses. Importantly for me it was an opportunity for me to do a bit of networking.

The Blog On conference in Manchester that I attended earlier in the year was the first time I had been to a blogger’s event in the UK. One of the sessions I chose to attend on the day was the one run by Sophie Mei Lan and My Presentation Coach, Lee Furness. I was keen to understand more about the vlogging world. It was a great session, but as I am painfully shy and felt very much out of my depth, I’m ashamed to say I ducked out before it ended.

When I realised that the Blog Up North Workshop Day was being organised by Sophie and that Lee would be there too, I knew I had to go. I am much better in smaller groups of people than I am in large crowds so I felt a lot less anxious. And the opportunity to learn and network on a more personal scale was one I wasn’t going to miss.

Where Was It?

Mom Of Two Little Girls | A Fun Parenting and Family Travel Blog in Yorkshire.

It was held at Leeds Beckett University Business Centre in Wakefield. They have a number of really stunning, and practical rooms that can be hired out for workshops, meetings etc.

In addition to this, they also have co-working spaces that are available to hire on an ad-hoc basis. This is something that I was quite keen to see how it would work. Wakefield is a bit far for me to go, but it was nice to see a co-working setup in action.

Lee Furness – My Presentation Coach

As I said, I lack in confidence sometimes. And one of the other things that I am really bad as is self promotion.

As well as being a Parenting and Family Travel Blogger, I am also a copy-editor and provide 1-2-1 social media training for small businesses and bloggers.

It took me 1 minutes to write that. I’m not bad when it comes to writing information down and being precise when I so. But … ask me in person what I do and I will babble on about everything and anything! Lee introduced me to the Elevator Pitch!

If you haven’t heard what that is, let me tell you. It’s basically when you imagine you are sharing an elevator with someone. You have the length of the elevator ride to tell them exactly what you do. And you need to do it in such a way that it makes an impression on them.

To say that I was rubbish at this exercise is an understatement. However, since then it is something that I have worked on and practiced (in my head) quite a lot.

Diane Hall from The Writing Hall

Although I attended the day as a blogger and not as a copy-editor, it was so interesting to hear from Diane. She is a book editor with two decades of experience of the end-to-end view of the publishing and editing industry. Whilst I am a copy-editor and Proofreader, I have chosen to concentrate more on editing for websites and bloggers rather than books.

One of the most interesting things I took away from Diane’s session is when she said that as bloggers and writers, we all have a story in us already. Bloggers are quite often half way there if they choose to write a book. This is because they have so much existing content to draw from. I have filed this information away for one day … you never know.

Thanks Diane. This really made an impression on me.

Sophie Mei Lan

Sophie is a super-mum who, apart from being a mum to two little girls, does so much more! I really have no idea how she manages to do it all.

As well as being a blogger and vlogger about attachment parenting, breastfeeding and mental illness, Sophie also runs Blog Up North, Yorkshire Families and Evoke Media. She has so much knowledge about the entire influencer industry. I felt lucky to be able to learn from her on the day. Thank you Sophie.

The FOOD!!

We were also treated to a delicious lunch by award winning catering company, Pop Up North. Seriously, the food was delicious! We could not stop picking. It was brilliant!

Oh, and Chris is actually Chris Hale of BBC MasterChef.

Thanks so much for organising such a fantastic workshop Blog Up North.


Writing this post now reminded me that just before attending the Blog Up North Workshop Day I was seriously considered shutting down my blog. I was having a huge crises of faith and questioning why I even do it. Wondering if I can justify the amount of time I spend on it. I ended up taking a month off blogging, and it did me the world of good. I think it’s important to always keep perspective when you are passionate about something. And always remember that your mental health must come first.

Workshops are always a great way to meet like minded people. I spend a lot of time alone, working from home, or just being a SAHM. If the opportunity to get out presents itself, and it fits in with the timing of your work and life, then I would always recommend going. Thanks again to Sophie and everyone else who was at the Blog Up North Workshop Day.

Note to self: Take more selfies with the other people there! Sadly I had to dash before the end, but next time!!