Many bloggers participate in weekly Blogger Linkys. This helps us all to showcase our own blogs, and to find new blogs we love and find a community of bloggers in the same or similar genre us. And of course, they help with SEO. Whatever the reason for doing it, there is a wrong, and a write (pun intended) way to do it. There is a Bloggers Linky Etiquette and it’s important that you actually stick to it!  

Linky Rules

Each linky has its own unique niche and its own rules. However, there are a number of common rules that they all have. In order for you to be a positive contributor and part of the community you need to follow these linky rules and abide by a certain … linky etiquette.

As a mum, I like to think of it as basic manners, manners which all participating bloggers should have.

Not only am I a mum, I’m also a co-host on the #ItsOK Linky, a bloggers linky for parent bloggers who are all about keeping it real, and not shying away from the reality of parenting. The good, the bad, and the downwrite hilarious! You should check us out!

Here are my Top Tips on Blogger Linky Etiquette:

The Linky Host

Please remember that the HOST(S) of the linkys do the hard work of commenting on all the linked up posts, as well as tweeting and retweeting each post. So showing them some love by commenting on their posts is the least you can do considering the exposure their reach has when sharing your post(s). And it’s an actual rule.


  1. Most linkys have rules on the minimum posts you must comment on. One of those is to comment on the post that was linked up just before yours. It’s best to link your post up first then go back to do the commenting. NOTE: Sometimes you can comment on the post you think will be before yours and then after linking up your post, you find that two or three more posts have been linked up between yours and the one you commented on thinking it would be before yours. If you miss the one that is really before yours, that blogger may not get any comments. That won’t do your reputation any good at all.
  2. Some linkys allow you to link up more than one post. In that case the rules stipulate you must comment on the host posts, plus the one before your post then please make sure you comment on the posts before each of your linked up posts. Just doing the first one is poor show. Make the effort to comment on the ones before each of your posts.
  3. Similarly if the rules just say that you can comment on any posts, make sure you comment on as many posts as you link up, plus the host’s posts – obvs. Tweeting the ones you really love would be a bonus!
  4. Occasionally when the rules INSIST on you commenting on the post directly before your, but you actually don’t like the post or it’s not something that you agree with or even want to read, there is really no need to be rude about it. Remember to always #JustBeKind. Try. There must be something you can say. Even if it’s just “Great post. Thanks for sharing.”
  5. If a linky allows you to link up more than one post and the linky is open for a number of days, there is no need to link all the allowed posts in one go. You can schedule it in your diary so that you link up the allowed number of posts spread over the number of days the link is open.

Social Sharing

  • When tweeting your post, remember to tag the hosts via their Twitter handles. There is no point in only linking the #linkyname because the hosts may not see it and then they won’t retweet. It’s also bad manners. Sometimes the twitter handle doesn’t always pull through to the post to tweet. In that case please make the effort to find out what the correct twitter handle should be and add it in manually.
  • In the same breath – PLEASE try make sure your sharing options are working correctly and your twitter handle does pull through.

What Else

If you want a clear step-by-step instruction on how to participate in linkys, please refer to the post by the lovely CuddleFairy.

This post is a work in progress, I may update it at any time. If you have any other tips, or hints, or suggestions, please let me know. I will happily update this at any point if I feel it will be useful to other bloggers.

More importantly, please SHARE this post throughout the blogging community! Sharing is caring.

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