This morning I woke up quite literally feeling like my head was going to explode. Not only am I still suffering from blocked sinuses, but I also have a million and one things occupying my mind. 

I wrote a post some time ago about how to tell your brain to switch off and that’s how you get to actually sleep – the point being that the power of your mind will help you realise that despite your worries, concerns and stresses, at the point when you’re lying in bed trying to get to sleep, there’s very little you can do about all the things that are to come tomorrow. (You know what … I can’t even find the post or remember what it’s called. I think that’s sign enough that I need a break – I will link it when I find it.)

Well my brain isn’t listening to me at the moment. My “oh so powerful mind” seems to be too weak to listen to itself and actually do the ‘shutting down’ and quite frankly I am exhausted!

I have decided that I need to cut myself some slack and stop putting so much pressure on myself to deal with things that aren’t actually essential.

With that said, one of the things I’m going to step back from for a week or two is my blog. I love it, and it’s my happy place a lot of the time, but it does also require a certain amount of maintenance and effort that I just don’t feel I can give it right now.

So I am now officially on blog-leave. I will be back when I have my head straight and my other priorities in order.

During this time my plan is to

  • finish off all the stuff currently lying unfinished on my desk,
  • write some decent blog posts but not publish them until I’m really ready to do them justice, and
  • get my house in order – like my actual house, the one we live in.
  • Most importantly, spend some quality time with my girls, they need it and so do I.

Much love people.