Communities are the backbone of society. They are the hubs of humanity that influence and evolve people’s existence and provide wisdom and security. Communities provide a safe space for advice and help, as well as build stronger relationships with people around you. They offer you a sense of belonging and offer unique and unexpected opportunities. 

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Community Connections

From your family to your neighbours, schoolmates to colleagues, communities are built around our connections to people. Despite this close-knit relationship in our communities, sometimes the significant contributions of our older members are overlooked. 

It might be your elderly neighbour who offers your children a drink of lemonade during the hottest days of summer or the older colleague at work who offers your insight on the top tricks and tips for the job; your life is likely impacted by at least one older community member. The elderly are a valuable part of our society and communities. They might be the matriarch and patriarch of your local community whose experiences offer a different perspective and greater insight; whomever they are to you, you are certain to have at least one community hero in your life.

Recognising Community Heroes

Chums, a Liverpool-based retailer, recently held a competition to recognise some of the UK’s community heroes and celebrated their winners this past July. With this in mind, maybe there is a way that you can celebrate your local community heroes and let them know how much they mean to you! 


One way you can acknowledge those in your community and life whose small interactions help you in different ways is to spend time with them. Whether it’s inviting them out for lunch or popping around for a quick brew with a freshly baked cake or biscuits, these small gestures can go a long way. Maybe write a card or a personal letter expressing your gratitude for their support and advice.

For those community heroes whom you’re a little closer to, whether it’s a close personal friend or a family member, inviting them along for a day out or even a holiday can really show how much you value them. From a trip out to the local zoo to a trip down to the beautiful beaches of Cornwall, spending quality time with them is crucial! 

Offer your support and skills where you can, whether it’s mending a broken step, fixing a leaky tap, or helping with shopping online. There are countless ways that you can help support those in your community and repay the support that they offer you. Keep an eye out for your neighbours and check in when you might have concerns. 

The importance of community support

Communities are essential to our well-being, development, and happiness. They provide us with everything essential to a person: a sense of belonging, support, and security; and the elderly are an integral part of our communities, so we should all do our part to celebrate and support them. No matter how you choose to celebrate them, your community heroes will appreciate your thoughtfulness and appreciation.