I thought it would be fun to do a week of t-shirts for mums, based on my week and to give you a bit more insight into the mum behind this blog. I’m going to own it and say that I’m a work from home / Stay At Home Mum who lives in jeans and t-shirts. So when it comes to T-shirts for mums, I’ve got the T-shirt and then some. The only difference between winter and summer is that in winter I wear long sleeve t-shirts, and in summer it’s short sleeves! I can also be found with a cup of coffee in hand, sometimes yelling at my kids to hurry up, and staring at my phone too much, because, you know, my work is on social media!! But anyway that’s me.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All t-shirts in this post can be found on the Pixels website.

My Week In Tees!

7 Cool T-shirts for mums

Monday Tee

Monday mornings, I need all the coffee. I typically need at least 2 cups of coffee before we leave the house because the first one gets attacked by my kids who love to dunk their biscuits in it. Personally I’m not a fan of bits of oreo floating in my coffee so that means I need two cups. I stop counting after that!

coffee t-shirt for mums
Credit: Pixels.com

Tuesday Tee

I always find Tuesdays harder than Mondays. I feel like adrenaline (and caffeine) get my and my girls through Monday. But when Tuesday rolls around, we’re all a little tired and grumpy. I’m not the most casually sociable person either so add tired, grumpy Tuesday me to the antisocial me, and we have this tee which to be fair to me, is probably the perfect t-shirts for women the world over anyway! We’re all pretty selective when it comes to who we let into our social circle, and this just gets more selective the older we get.

anti-social t-shirt for mums
Credit: Pixels.com

Wednesday Tee

Wednesdays are Wine Wednesdays! If any of you have followed me long enough you’ll know I love wine, and sometimes I even put it in the food. Not often, but it’s been known to happen. So this is my choice for a Wednesday t-shirt for mums.

I love cooking with wine t-shirt for mums
Credit: Pixels.com

Thursday Tee

Something you might not know about me is that I love a good pun. This has helped me with my friend selection too, if you like puns, understand sarcasm, a glass or bottle of wine now and then, and are a giant nerd like me, you can be my friend. Applications pending, however, the position of Best Puntastic Nerd Friend is currently taken. Here’s a geeky nerdy puntastic t-shirt for women, and mums who get me!

you matter t-shirt pun
Credit: Pixels.com

Friday Tee

By Friday, I’ve had enough of pretending to hold it all together. My inner gangsta comes out in me, usually fired up by that classy lady above, and I don’t even bother to pretend to myself that half the moms at school don’t despise me!

let my haters be my motivators
Credit: Pixels.com

Saturday Tee

Saturday’s are the days I like to put a little effort into my appearance. For most of the week, I might slap a little foundation on, do my hair maybe twice, and am pretty comfy and casual. On Saturdays, whilst the kids are glued to a screen of some size or other I usually do full makeup and dress a little more stylish, but usually still with a T-shirt. And then I haul the family off to the DIY store, have lunch out (pre-Covid) and then head home to tackle whatever project my husband and I have decided on next.

I do think of it as my more creative day, which is ironic since I create with words every day, but it’s more of doing actual things day.

rise up and create t-shirt quote
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Sunday Tee

Sundays are lazy days. We take out time getting ready, and most Sundays the kids just spend the whole day in their pyjamas. I can’t do that. I need to get dressed, make my bed and even if I then sit all day in front of the TV, I have at least got ready. My kids … no! And heaven forbid I actually want to go somewhere. It takes them forever to get ready on a Sunday. Some Sundays we only leave the house, even if it’s just for a walk, after 13.00. I have said this exact saying in my head (okay, out loud) many times, ‘Hurry up and take your time!” Kids have no sense of urgency whatsoever! Am I right?

hurry up and take your time t-shirt
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Why I Am A Huge Fan of T-shirts for Mums

As a t-shirt wearing tekkie mom, I am a huge fan of t-shirts for women. They are a great way to express yourself without even having to speak. They can be dressed up, dressed down, casual or classy, practical and sassy too.

So there you have it, my week in tees! Let me know in the comments below how many days a week you wear T-shirts?