Creating a snug in your bedroom will make your bedroom more cosy and intimate than ever. The trick is to strike that perfect balance between form and function, where comfort and style converge beautifully. The best thing about a comfy snug in your bedroom is that you are sure of a good night’s sleep. So what makes a perfect comfy snug in your bedroom … let’s see.

Disclaimer: This is a guest post that I have been compensated for sharing with my audience.

Here is how to create a comfy snug in your bedroom in 5 easy steps:

Step 1 – Start with your bed

A comfy snug in your bedroom is the best place to relax and sleep, and wake up refreshed for the next day. All you need for a perfect night’s sleep is a comfy bed, cool sheets, a soft pillow, and light-blocking curtains.

By sleeping and spending time on a bed you love, your relationship with your bedroom will transform. Snugs are all about comfort, and there is nothing more comfortable than bedtime, so it makes practical sense to focus your efforts here.

Get a new bed frame

If you do not love your bed, get a new bed frame! Bed frames are available in an unlimited range of styles and six sizes (small single, single, small double, double, king, and super king).

Measure the space in your room to see what works best. Something to keep in mind is that there are EU and UK mattress sizes. EU sizes are a bit longer than UK sizes. Get a UK bed with a UK mattress, and you will have no problems.

Design your own DIY headboard

A headboard can even be the focal point of your bedroom, yet it should also be cosy and functional. If you can’t find what you want in store, but found the perfect headboard on Pinterest, why not make your own DIY headboard yourself. That way you can set the size, width, height and ensure the fabric or style matches your comfy snug in your bedroom!

Free up space with an ottoman bed

Ottoman beds have hydraulics that lifts the base of the bed to reveal in-built storage space. They are great for creating a clutter-free snug that is easy to tidy. 

small double ottoman bed
Pictured: Milan Bed Comapny Side Lift 4ft Small Double Ottoman Bed – White Leather

Free up space with in-built drawers 

If you do not fancy an ottoman, choose a bed frame with in-built drawers. These can replace a chest of drawers in your bedroom to free up even more space.

Experiment with new bed linen 

Do you not need a new bed frame? Get new bed linen instead. Play with patterns, textures, throw pillows and materials to create a cosy snug you want to sleep in. The bedroom is the place where you have privacy and can indulge in your own fantasies. It’s the place where you can create your own world, with a little help from your bedding.

Step 2 – Embrace darker colours

Decorating your bedroom in darker colours will create a warm and inviting space. Lighter colours are great for making spaces feel bigger, but this goes against the nature of snugs, which should make you feel warm and fuzzy. Check out dark blues, greens, purples, and greys, and do not be afraid to experiment – there is a perfect colour scheme out there for everyone!

Step 3 – Add texture and warmth with curtains 

When the icy cold winter wind blows outside and penetrates through all the cracks and crevices of your home, it only makes sense to stay inside wrap up warm. Even when you have blinds, you should have curtains that enhance the ambience in a comfy snug in your bedroom because they are the best way to add texture and style. Blinds are functional, while curtains are characterful. Use both or go for curtains only.

You can get made to measure curtains with thermal and blackout linings, or if you are lucky enough to have standard windows, you can buy standard curtains in-store. Choose a heavier fabric for added warmth with a pattern to suit your taste.

Step 4 – Create a warm focal point 

They say a fireplace is the heart of the home, but you are unlikely to have one in your bedroom unless you are living in an older house! Thankfully, you can get electric fireplaces and artificial candles that let you create a warm glow without lighting a match.

Or you can get some artificial candles that let you create a warm glow without lighting a match.

candlelit comfy snug bedroom
Pictured: Artificial candles, let you create a warm glow without lighting a match.

Prefer the real thing? Something as simple as curating a load of candles will make a massive difference to the ambience of your comfy bedroom snug.

Scented candles will bring another dimension to your bedroom snug, evoking emotions and memories. Choose scents that make you feel calm and relaxed.

Step 5 – Embrace nature and organic materials  

Most of us feel calm, relaxed, and happy in nature. Nature provides an escape from the hectic real-world, and your bedroom snug can be too! Nature in snugs comes in all shapes and sizes – it can involve something as simple as choosing a wooden bed frame or something as intimate as growing plants in your bedroom

Here are some ideas:

  • Choose wooden furniture  
  • Choose organic bedlinen
  • Decorate with printed wallpaper
  • Play relaxing nature sounds
  • Bring houseplants and bonsai trees into your bedroom

We particularly like the idea of plants and bonsai trees in bedroom snugs. Looking after something and watching it thrive is one of life’s great pleasures. Check out the Money Tree (Pachira Aquatica) for a no-maintenance evergreen or the Chinese Elm if you want a Bonsai.

Do you have any other ideas on how to make a comfy snug in your bedroom?

The bedroom is the place where you have privacy and can indulge in your own fantasies. It’s the place where you can create your own world. If you have made a comfy snug in your bedroom, I would love to hear about it! Share your tips in the comments section below.