When you live in a small town you quickly exhaust all the attractions your little town has to offer. Whilst we spend a lot of time in Joburg, it’s really far to go for a few hours change of scenery. So off to ‘Bloem’ we went. We’ve been a few times but usually just to the big malls for Christmas shopping, or for business reasons. Having consulted Trip Advisor the Bloemfontein Botanical Gardens were one of the top recommended attractions and they did not disappoint. 

Visit the Bloemfontein Botanical Gardens

How much does it cost to get into the Botanical Gardens?

Two adults and two pre-school aged children = R60.00* total entrance fee.

 *Prices correct as at March 2017.

We took a lovely walk around the garden following the paths and it was so relaxing whilst also affording the girls the opportunity to run and laugh without us having to chase after them or yell at them to stop yelling! Bliss!

There are so many informative signs up all over the place telling you the names of the plants and trees. At first, the girls asked us to read each one they came to but eventually even they tired of that as there are that many!

The Tradition Medicinal Plant Garden

We all loved the traditional medicinal plant garden with the two recreated traditional houses.

The Bird Hide on the Lake

When we got to the lake we spotted a bird hide so retraced our steps to find the right path to it. The girls thought it was the “coolest thing ever” and we got to see ducks, red & yellow weavers, bird nests, and the birds were literally within touching distance. I was even impressed that the girls understood that in order for the birds to come close they had to keep quiet. Progress! Lol

The History Preserved

There were a number of interesting images around the botanical gardens. I particularly enjoyed the one sign explaining that the dam had been built by the British to water their horses. So much history preserved and recognised. Now it’s a part of the natural habitat of the wildlife, flora and fauna.

Restaurant Facilities

From there we made our way to the restaurant. It was stunningly laid out. Individual tables were all decorated with their own colour theme.

Unfortunately, it was 11.30 and the restaurant only opened at 12.00. And they were fully booked, clearly a popular place. We will book in advance for our next visit.

 Don’t you just love this bowl of pumpkins and squashes! They use them as decorations as well as weights to keep the tablecloths from blowing away. I couldn’t resist taking this picture.

Bowl of pumpkins

Aside: I have a fab post if you’re ever looking for some great pumpkin recipes for leftover pumpkins.

Can you take your own food to the Botanical Gardens in Bloemfontein?

Not only is there a restaurant but there are benches and picnic spots all over the gardens. They even have a designated braai area which I thought was such a lovely touch to encourage families to spend the day there in the fresh air and undeniably stunning environment.

So if you are ever on Bloemfontein and are looking for a great family day out with lots of fresh air, space, beauty and amazing value for money, please check out the Bloemfontein Botanical Gardens. You will love it.

Disclaimer: All photographs are my own. I do not give permission for them to be used without my permission.

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A visit to the Bloemfontein Botanical Gardens is a must when visiting Bloemfontein. ‘Bloem’ as the locals call it is one of South Africa’s 3 Capital cities. It’s a really lovely city and a vibrant hub of activity. A visit to Bloemfontein is a must if you want to get a real sense of the real South Africa, away from the commercialised tourist attraction hot spots.

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