In an effort to do more with our family travel photos, I thought that a good place to start was to brainstorm ideas for ways to display your family travel photos at home. I love taking photos, but after the initial excitement of sharing them on social media, I often forget to actually do anything with the 100s, (Okay, thousands) of photos that we take when on holiday.

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As a family, we love to travel, and we are fortunate to have travelled to many exciting destinations. One thing my kids are used to is being strapped in their car seats on another family road trip. And along with all the other essential things to pack for a family road trip, is one of the most important things … my camera. I love taking photos when we’re on holiday, and it’s been that way long before I even had a blog.

The problem is that I am absolutely terrible at doing anything with all the photos and other family vacation keepsakes that we collect on our travels. For our most recent family holiday to Dubai, I have so many amazing photos, that I don’t even know where to start.

So here are some fun ways to display your family travel photos in your home:

how to display family travel photos

1. PhotoBooks

Photobooks are a great way to keep all your favourite family holiday photos in one place. Photobooks are a great conversation piece when entertaining at home, and you can build up an amazing collection of photobooks to keep the family holiday memories alive. According to San Diego photographer, Natalie Chiles, creating your family travel photobook is also a great way to spend time together as a family, and they have a really permanent feel to them as well.

A photobook is something tangible that you can flick through together with family and friends and really recall those amazing family holiday moments together.

2. Print Your Favourite Family Travel Photo As A Canvas Print

Something we can all be guilty of when being on holiday is taking loads of pictures. Most of these are in-the-moment photos and can. be a bit blurry, out of focus, or there’s likely to be someone photobombing your family photo. But there’s almost always that one or maybe two photos where absolutely everything is perfect: the lighting, the colours, the focus, and everyone is smiling! Those are the photos that you should pick to have a canvas printed to remember that amazing family holiday moment.

A Canvas Print is a great way to display your family travel photo to keep the memories alive.

3. Print A Poster

Similarly to the canvas idea, you could get those favourite photos printed off as posters. My girls love having posters on their bedroom walls too so this is a fun way to help your kids to remember those fun family holidays. You could print off a couple of their favourite holiday pictures and stick them on their bedroom walls. Alternatively, you could even frame your posters. It’s super easy to order your posters online using Bonusprint and have them posted to you.

display family travel photos

4. Photo Calendars

If you’re a family of frequent travellers, why not get a calendar printed off of all the places you visited the year before and have them as the memory flashback the following year. You could even order a few of these family photo calendars and then gift them to family members. They would make a lovely Christmas gift.

5. Personalised Mugs

If, like me, you live for your next holiday, why not get yourself a mug printed with your favourite photo from the last holiday. Especially when it’s miserable, cold and grey outside, when I use my mug with a photo of me smiling in the sun, it reminds me that brighter days are coming. You could even start up a collection of mugs as a way to display your family travel photos in your kitchen.

I’d love to hear what your favourite ways are to display your family travel photos. Why not pop your ideas in the comments below.