Dressing up for a classy meal can be difficult, but dressing your kids for a classy meal brings a whole other level to the challenge. Many people find it hard to balance being over and underdressed, and it is even more difficult if you have kids. Kids often object to wearing certain outfits if it’s not of their choosing. To help out those parents who are keen to still do nice things, here are some tips on how you can dress your kids when hitting the fancy restaurants in Toronto.

going out for a classy meal with kids

Adding a High-End Piece of Clothing

Adding a high-end accessory or clothing item to your child’s outfit is the perfect way to make them look the part for a classy meal. This can be a suitable replacement for a complex outfit which may end up with them kicking up a fuss – it isn’t always as straightforward as them agreeing to wear anything.

Gucci Kids has an amazing range of clothing and accessories that will appeal to both child and adult audiences; they are fun yet classy and will make your child look like a little fashionista. Check out these Gucci kids clothing and accessories to make dressing up for a special occasion easy. If you buy just one good quality, high-end item for your kid, you can re-use it for all occasions you attend.

Styling Their Hair

Although it can be sweet to leave kids to style their own hair, when you are going for a classy meal in one of Toronto’s best restaurants, it is probably best that you take charge. Kids are often pretty experimental with their hair – which may be fine for school or seeing their friends, but this will make it obvious that you have not taken charge of their styling on this day.

A good hair styling option is a slick back style; it is timeless and looks super smart on kids and adults alike. It is easy to do using just a bit of hair gel, but it looks like it took ages to perfect!

Dressing Your Kids for a Classy Meal

Picking Out Some Smart Shoes

Kids’ shoes are infamously muddy from activities such as jumping in puddles and running around the park. This is expected of kids the majority of the time, but on occasions such as visiting a fancy restaurant, it is expected that an effort would be made to avoid dirt and mud on shoes.

The most sensible thing to do is to keep a reserved pair of shoes which are for smart events only, with no danger of these getting muddy. That will save you the hassle of having to madly clean your kids’ muddy shoes before a fancy event, which will eventually wear down their strength.

Showing your kids how to dress well for upmarket places early on in life will show them the importance of looking smart and formal in certain scenarios, which is needed in some settings. Although they will freely be able to run around chaotically most of the time, it is definitely respectful to make an effort for nice venues, just as an adult would.