I’ve started up this blog to be able to share and possibly entertain some of you with my crazy mommy thoughts and ramblings. 

Intro: SAHM to two little girls … the eldest is 5, the youngest is 3. We live in South Africa, but my husband and I have always had a little trouble with ‘itchy-feet-syndrome’. In other words, every couple of years we get bored with our life and want to do something BIG to shake things up. We have just celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary, but we’ve actually been together for 11 years. In that time we have moved house about eleven times, in three different countries, and two continents. We’ve carted our beloved cats with us everywhere we go, much to their disgust, and we’ve added to our ‘checked luggage’ with two kids, and two birds.

For a while we had the unfortunate tag of being referred to as Gypsey’s (no offense to anyone in the travelling community), but since the girls are both in school now, albeit Nursery School, it’s kind of clipped our wings a little and forced us to commit to living in one place for a while. Fortunately that place is right in Central South Africa, the Free State, and being smack bang in the middle means we are able to travel all over this amazingly beautiful country.

I suspect most of my posts will involve my sarcastic whining about being a SAHM, my bragging about my amazing, feisty and intelligent daughters, and no doubt my struggles with being a mom and all that it entails. Thank goodness there is always wine!