The arrival of a new baby is an exciting and joyous time. If someone in your life just had a baby, you may be wondering how to best show your support and care during this special—and challenging—experience. They will likely have been inundated with gifts for the baby, but what about gifts for them? Speaking from experience, these small gestures of recognition and kindness can be some of the most memorable to new parents. So let’s run through a few ideas for unique gifts for a friend who just had a baby!

New baby gifts can be a little tricky: you want to give your friend something practical, but you also want to make them feel valued and celebrated. To help, we’ve put together a list of the best gifts for a new parent that are both useful and fun. Read on to learn more about 10 unique gifts for a friend who just had a baby. 

dry shampoo

Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo may sound like a strange gift, but it’s an easy way for new parents to refresh their hair when they need to look presentable, but showering is out of the question. 

Caring for an infant is time-consuming, and your friend will likely not have much time to regularly wash their hair. A high-end dry shampoo will help them feel clean and attractive in less than a minute. 

A memory keepsake

As a new mum, so much of your friend’s focus is going to be on their precious child. A personalised necklace or handmade jewellery that acknowledges this moment in their life is a gift that will last forever. It’s a gift that is not only special in the moment but will forever take them back to that moment in time.

Face Wipes

Similar to their hair, a new parent won’t have time for a full skincare routine. High-quality face wipes are an easy way to clean your face and feel refreshed. It may seem like an everyday item, but a revitalizing towelette will feel like a big luxury when your friend is getting up in the wee hours of the morning to feed their baby. 

You could always choose a brand like Mustela’s Cleansing Wipes, which cleanse and soothe the skin with all-natural ingredients but are also gentle enough to be used for her baby’s bottom or to wipe away bits of baby food or spit-up. That means they can lighten the load in their diaper bag by carrying these multi-purpose wipes instead of separate products. 

chocolate strawberries

Flowers and Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Your friends deserve to be celebrated after bringing a baby into the world. A FruitFlowers® bouquet is a simple and elegant gesture that shows you’ll be there for your friends during this new stage of life. 

This stunning flower bouquet also comes with a box of delectable chocolate-covered strawberries or assorted chocolate-covered fruits, along with extra-special add-ons like a cuddly plush teddy bear the little one can cherish as they grow or a Godiva® Chocolate Box. Caring for a newborn baby is hard work, and they deserve the indulgence.  

Healthy Snack Box

New parents will welcome any food-related gift. It’s hard to cook full, nutritious meals while taking care of a baby, so healthy snacks are essential. You can give your friends a steady supply of wholesome, yummy snacks by signing them up for a healthy snack box subscription

A long-term subscription is a particularly thoughtful gift for new parents, as it indicates that you’re available to help, not just for the baby’s first month of life, but for many months to come. 

You can also subscribe them to a superfood subscription such as So Body’s Gorgeous Greens. It’s packed with 12 super ingredients that will help new mothers detoxify and revitalize their bodies with all-natural energy.

Baby Book

The first year goes by fast, so recording those core memories is a must. Your friends will love a baby book where they can keep photos and record milestones. 

This gender-neutral baby book covers the first five years of life and provides a simple template for tracking special moments, as well as extra blank spaces for personal memories and keepsakes. 

Home Spa Kit

Caring for a baby is laborious and draining work. Treat your friend to some self-care with a luxurious home spa kit. Look for spa gift baskets that feature plenty of moisturizing products—many people experience postpartum dry skin. Pleasant-smelling aromatherapy items are also always appreciated by stressed-out new parents. 

Meal Train

If you’re looking for a practical gift to make your friend feel super loved, consider organizing a meal train. A meal train is a system where friends and family members each sign up for a day to deliver dinner and other home-cooked meals. 

Meal delivery is a wonderful community gift that will keep your friends well-fed and supported for the first several weeks of parenthood. 

Restaurant Gift Cards

If you aren’t handy in the kitchen, give your friend the gift of takeout. Almost every restaurant offers gift cards, so collecting cards from your friend’s favourite takeout spots should be easy. Restaurant gift cards will enable your friend to get plenty of tasty food without diverting money from the diaper fund. 

Comfy Bathrobe

Let’s be honest, a new parent mostly wears pyjamas for the first few weeks of their baby’s life. You can help your friend feel cosy and stylish by gifting them a comfy bathrobe. A thick, durable bathrobe is sure to get a lot of mileage in a house with a newborn. 

gifts for a friend who just had a baby

Streaming Services

Newborns are adorable, but they aren’t exactly the greatest conversationalists. If your friend is staying home with a new baby, help keep them entertained by buying them a streaming service subscription. 

Television and movie services like Netflix or Amazon Prime are always good options, as well as Audible for audiobooks and podcasts. 

Final Thoughts

There are many good gifts for new parents, but this list is a great place to start. Remember to personalize gifts—especially subscriptions and other non-physical gifts—with flowers and a card. No matter what gift you choose, your friends will appreciate your love and support during this magical time.