I am so excited to announce the first ever #GirlMomsMeetUp in South Africa.


A few weeks ago I was chatting with a couple of my blogging buddies, Charlene from High Heels and Fairy Tales, and the award-winning Chanene from Tonic & Tiaras, about how we were struggling with some of the requests we were getting from PR companies and brands.

As Influencers we are always grateful when Brands and PRs recognise us. However, so much of the mommy blogger market is dedicated to little kids and babies. And we’re past that! Phew! But in the same breath, our daughters are not teenagers yet either.

We talked about how it didn’t sit right with us to work on products that don’t relate to us and doesn’t correlate to our individual blog’s brands.

We realised that we had stumbled into a little gap in the market. As moms of girls of a specific age group, our focus has shifted.

Our Mission – The Reality

We set off on a mission to identify brands and products that were more suited to our girls, all of whom are in the 5 years old to 10 years old age group.

What started as a few of us getting together to chat to PRs and Brands, has exploded beyond what we imagined it would.

We now have two Girl Moms Meet-up events planned in April, eight mommy bloggers on board from Gauteng, Mpumalanga and the Free State, a couple of PR peeps, and a whole host of different brands and sponsors involved!

The excitement is real!


So if you are interested in following us to find out more, please make sure you follow our hashtag on social media #girlmomsmeetup. We’re busy setting up an Instagram account that we will use to specifically promote our concept, and showcase the awesome sponsors and brands who are supporting us and getting on board!

When we meet on the 28th we will also be having a round-table discussion as moms of girls to talk about some of the issues we are facing. We would love to hear from you if you have any topics you think we should be talking about. Some of the topics we have in mind will be:

  • keeping our children safe
  • education
  • age appropriate events and experiences
  • healthy eating
  • mind, body and soul
  • age appropriate toys
  • what support is out there, for moms

Our first Girl Moms mini-meetup will be this Saturday the 14th of April, and the main one will be on Saturday the 28th of April!

If there are any other Brands or Sponsors who would still like to get involved, please do! We are very keen to support local brands and sponsors.

Organising these #GirlMomsMeetUp events has really pushed Charlene, Chanene and myself right out of our comfort zones. We have had to pitch, event organise, coordinate, plan and work our butts off. But we are loving every minute of it! It’s going to be organised chaos! We can’t wait!

The #GirlMomsMeetUp. Stay tuned!

We’re also on Instagram!