This post is dedicated to my husband. I have never met anyone with the immense will power that he has. He decided in December that come the 1st of January he will be on a healthy eating plan, with the aim of losing around 20kgs.

I was all for this and I am happy to support him and helping him achieve his goal, and in fact it was on MY list of Goals for 2017

He’s a big guy who is never going to be a skinny person but towards the end of last year he had picked up quite a bit of weight.

His weight gain was a combination of not going to the gym, not eating correctly, starving his body during the day and then more than making up for it at night. He works long hours too, gone by 05.00 most days and only home after 18.30 most evening.

We both had many excuses for not going to the gym:

  • If he goes in the morning he will be ‘late’ for work.
  • If he goes in the evening he won’t see the girls.
  • It’s too late
  • It’s too cold
  • It’s raining

I’m sure you see the pattern.

If you’re wandering why his weight goals were on my, well it’s simple, because I’m the one who feeds the family.

The weight loss plan he wanted to do included the following ‘rules’:

  • No carbs (except for a slice of wholewheat bread in the morning, no more than 3 times a week).
  • No fizzy drinks at all (Coke Zero / Coke Light / Tab / Pepsi)
  • No beers (not that he’s a big drinker anyway).
  • Gym three times a week – twice midweek in the morning, and once on a Saturday or Sunday.

Let me just tell you, it has been quite tough for us.Mostly down to the pre-planning, thought and dedication than needs to go into meal planning now.

Most of my meals now include a salad, or veggies … or salad, or veggies, with meat.

Think about it … no carbs. No rice, no potato, no pasta.

It has certainly tested my ability to keep things interesting and not the same old boring green salad and boiled chicken breasts every day.

I’ve had to cook separate meals for us and for the girls too because whilst my girls like some veggies and some salad, but if that’s all they got they would be most unhappy!., Especially my eldest who is not a big red meat fan at all and who looooves pasta.

Back to hubby, instead of going to work with no food and just surviving on coffee or cokes all day, he takes healthy things to snack on: fruit, nuts, bottles of fruit infused water, fruit teas, left overs from the night before. The theory being that if you eat a little bit every few hours your body doesn’t store the fat.

I’ve been preparing fruit infused water for us, something I love and have in fact dedicated a whole Pinterest Board to, it’s called Ways To Water – check it out if you’re interested. There are lots of ideas on how to enjoy water naturally. I’ve struggled to find the perfect Fruit Infusion bottles though, so if there are any companies out there who want to send me a few to try out, that would be AMAZING! #prrequest

We’ve even been out a few times and instead of beer he’s had whiskey and soda. He’s not a huge fan of it though, but it’s not a big deal either since like I said, he’s not a big drinker.

I have to say though, it certainly is significantly more expensive to eat this way. A large bag of crisps costs R15 while a bag of mixed nuts is over R40. I know it’s worth it, but it really does bother me that the food industry seems to have it in reverse and rather than making healthy food more affordable than unhealthy food, they just don’t.

In the next few weeks I will share a few of the salad ‘recipes’ and a few other things I’ve  introduce to help him achieve his goal, but so far he is doing amazingly well!

On 1 January he was 113kgs, and he is now 103kgs! He has lost 10kgs in 26 days. I’m so proud of him.

10Kgs is 1.5Stone, or 22 pounds.

He’s looking great, he has so much more energy and even as a horrific sufferer of January Disease (In fact he inspired that post), he is even chirpier than he normally would be this time of year.

His plan is to carry on like this until March – I’m not sure if he means the 1st or the 31st of March, but I guess that’s up to him. At this rate he will hit his weight target of 95kgs before then, so we’ll see. I really do want to make eating like this part of our every day lifestyle rather than a ‘diet’ as such. It’s better for all of us.

He has amazing willpower – I’ve not been the perfect wife because I didn’t get rid of all the chips and chocolates left over after Christmas, I just put them in another cupboard. He knows they are there but he hasn’t even slipped once. For him to go a whole 26 days without a pizza is HUGE!

As for me … I’ve lost 0.5kgs! I’m quite chuffed with this since I didn’t completely give up the carbs, ‘cos you know … biscuits; and as the spouse of a sufferer or January Disease I can’t give up wine either; and it’s like as soon as all the Christmas decorations went down in the stores it was obviously a sign to start making Hot Cross Buns so there’s another reason, okay, ‘excuse’ is probably a better word, I know.

If anyone else has an update on their 2017 goals as we approach the end of January, let’s hear them?

Disclaimer: I am not a dietitian or medical professional. I’m not giving advice. This is just what we are doing and what is working for us.


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