As a loving parent, you want to see a bright smile on your childs’ faces as they grow up into individuals aware of their worth. However, your children need to be self-confident and trust their abilities to thrive. This way, they’re better equipped to deal with challenges, failure, peer pressure, responsibility, and the confusing emotions they are feeling. Let’s talk about how to help your child develop confidence.

It can be painful for you to see your children lacking confidence, doubting their capabilities, and comparing themselves to other kids. You might be wondering why they’re so hard on themselves when they’re the most precious thing in the world for you.

No matter the reason, your kid needs you to help them discover their worth right now. You may struggle with such a responsibility, but there is much that you can do — from looking for advice online and praising their efforts to encouraging them to take on challenges and allowing them to fail.

Even though your kids have low self-esteem, you may still build up their confidence.

help your child develop confidence

Here is what you can do as a doting parent to help your child develop confidence

Remember You Aren’t Alone

You don’t need to struggle alone if you think your children have low self-esteem. There are many support groups available online where parents share ideas on how to keep the self-confidence of their kids high.

No matter your circumstances, there surely are people who went through something similar and may offer valuable insight. For instance, if both you and your children are struggling with a divorce process, sites like might prove to be of some help.

You can also try talking with your kids’ school teachers or guidance counsellors — someone who will listen without judging you or your child — if you want advice on how you can help your kids feel better about themselves. You just want what is best for your children in the long run, so it’s okay that you reach out for help when you need it most.

Praise Their Efforts

Praise is a powerful tool to help your children feel confident in themselves. Yet, it would help to emphasize their efforts instead of innate talent. When your kids succeed, focus on how they tried their best and the progress they’ve made. When they face challenges, remember to underline that they can do it because they have the ability and the drive to succeed.

Still, you don’t need to shower your kids with adulation all the time. This is because you don’t want them to rely too much on the validation and approval they receive from others instead of their own belief in themselves. But when you notice your children trying their best, let them know that you are proud of them.

praise your childs efforts

Make Them Feel in Control

As a parent, you have to place reasonable rules for your kids to follow. But you also have to understand where they’re coming from and respect their individuality.

Always give your children choices whenever possible and let them participate in making decisions about what they want to do. If they are old enough, consider asking for their opinion on how to discipline them as well. Doing this will help them feel confident that they still have control over their lives; they just have to follow specific guidelines to live up to your expectations.

Allow Them To Fail

Children learn by doing, so don’t shield them from taking risks and making mistakes. Failing is an opportunity for them to learn from their errors, which will help boost their confidence in their abilities. Failure teaches them the importance of perseverance and resilience.

Your children may feel bad about failing initially, but by learning from the experience, they will feel more empowered and confident as they try again and succeed. Moreover, they will discover how to deal with negative emotions they might experience after failure.

Encourage Them To Take on New Challenges

Kids need to be pushed out of their comfort zone and face new experiences to grow and develop as individuals. It doesn’t matter if these experiences are physical or mental in nature; so long as your kid is taking on something new, it will help build up their self-esteem and confidence.

After all, you don’t want your children going through life aimlessly and not knowing what they want to do with themselves later in life. So push them to set goals for themselves and then help them achieve those goals by encouraging them along the way.

Encourage Them To Find Role Models

Letting your kids watch someone else working in their dream profession can help them gain confidence in their abilities. For example, if your son likes to draw, let him hang out with a friend whose parents are art teachers or artists.

Doing so can give your children a glimpse into what the career looks like, which may be helpful when they want to pursue it in the future. Meeting role models will also help make your kids realize that other people like them exist and that they can achieve success no matter how they look or where they came from.

find a role model

Let Them Take Responsibility for Their Actions

Your kids should know that every decision has consequences, so it’s vital that you let them deal with the consequences of their actions on their own whenever possible. Doing this will help make them accountable for their actions and teach them how to be responsible individuals capable of solving their own problems instead of relying on others for their happiness and wellbeing.

Remember that while you are there to guide them along the way, they have the power within themselves to reach great heights in life if they are willing to put in the effort.


Your children need you to be there for them during their moments of doubt. You can help them develop their self-confidence by making them feel empowered by your love and support. Remember to praise their efforts and emphasize that they can reach their goals if they are willing to put in the effort.

Besides, let them experience failure and encourage them to take on new challenges along the way. By allowing them to fail and deal with the consequences of their actions, they will learn how to persevere through challenges and overcome obstacles when necessary.

Most importantly, let them know that you believe in them and are always there for them when they need you most. You can be their biggest cheerleader as they try to achieve their goals and dreams, as long as they will take their fate into their own hands.