It is so frustrating when your child is sick but you don’t know why. 

My eldest (5) has had a high temperature and fever since yesterday afternoon. It is obviously a sign of her body fighting an infection of some kind – but what? ?

It’s not her throat, ears, tummy … Nothing. No other symptoms either, except a shocking bad mood! (No guesses where she gets that from! Karma’s a bitch!)

Unidentified fevers are like a wait-and-see game, specifically designed to taunt mothers everywhere and then when/if it finally reveals itself it will have the added effect of ensuring that I (the mother) feels like sh*t for not guessing what it was in the beginning. 

I sincerely hope it’s just a 24 hour thing. ? 

And to top it off, my huge tub of medication does not contain a spare bottle of Ibuprofen … which is always guaranteed to bring my kid’s temperatures down. So now we will all have to trek to the pharmacy a bit later as I just gave her the last dose I had. Seriously, why do my girls only get sick when daddy is away?!?
Poor kid. She really does look miserable. 

Exactly what age do they stop picking up every little germ/bug going around?