How is where the heart is, is a saying or a quote that many people use quite often. It means that your home, the place you feel most at peace, most happy, is wherever your heart lies. In a world where so many people migrate, immigrate, travel, work away from home, the saying has extreme significance. People like me.

What is the history of the saying: “Home is where the heart is”.

The phrase “home is where the heart is” comes from an old English proverb. It means that people should be with the ones they love the most, and feel most comfortable around.

In this quote, the phrase ‘home’ might not always refer to a physical space. In many cases, home is simply the place where you feel most comfortable and at peace.

Home, where my parents (all four of them) are.

That quote is so true considering where the girls and I are today. Home. Home, where I grew up.

Home, where the grandparents want to have their granddaughters with them, and no request is too big or impossible. Where they are given the undivided attention all kids crave, and love is showered on them in abundance.

Home, where the girls run barefoot on the dusty paths, hands and face stained in freshly picked mulberry juice, chasing peacocks and baby chickens, picking flowers and drinking water from the tap.

Home, in the open space and hot African sun, where the girls swim and play and scream and shout and I don’t shout”shush, be quiet, stop screaming!” every five minutes.

Home, where we can breathe. Truly breathe.

Home, where we hope our future lies.

But … we are missing daddy!

If home is where the heart is, then my home is with my husband.

Love you, my love. See you soon.