Update – September 2020

My frustration at not being able to travel has never been tested more than in 2020 with the impact of the global pandemic that is Coronavirus. However, it’s impossible to ignore the positive benefit that it’s had on the environment, of humans moving around less. However, as the world starts to open up again I do believe that people are more conscious than ever about the impact humans are having on the planet and our natural resources. If you’re interested in knowing how you can help then I urge to read more about how to offset your carbon footprint with the help of Make It Wild.

As a Family Travel blogger, I often get frustrated that I can’t travel all the time. I love to travel to explore the world. I also believe that to travel with kids is incredibly worthwhile as it exposes them to life outside of their little bubble! In recent years, travel has become far more affordable and accessible to more people throughout the world. Planes, trains and automobiles! Any which way we can, we’ll travel. However, with that privilege comes the impact on our environment. I’m going to show you how to offset your carbon footprint and still travel by supporting Make It Wild.

I’m going to be honest (and ashamed) to admit that I don’t really consider the impact of our personal family travel on the environment. I mean, I try to be as careful as I can when it comes to little things like recycling, using refillable water bottles, etc etc, but I’ve never even considered NOT going travelling because of my CO2 footprint.

If we’re not going to stop travelling, how can we offset our carbon footprint?

When it’s pointed out to you, and you’re forced to think about it, I still think that there are too few people who would actually NOT travel because they are trying to save the planet one flight at a time. Sustainable tourism is becoming a more important reality, thank goodness, but until then, here’s something we can do.

When Helen from Make It Wild approached me, I was really intrigued by what they do. Instead of preaching to everyone about how they shouldn’t travel because it’s bad for the environment, they have invested in a project that helps us to offset our carbon footprint. By planting trees.

I know right? It sounds so simple. Planting trees.

And what makes it even better, they do it for you and maintain the tree forever more too.

I asked Helen to share more about what their organisation is all about Please read on to hear more about this amazing initiative. At the end of the post are instructions on how you can enter a giveaway to win a sustainable travel hamper, and they will also offset 5 tonnes of carbon on your behalf!

What is Make it Wild?

Helen from Make It Wild - how to offset your carbon footprint

Make it Wild is a family business, based in North Yorkshire that was set up in 2018. Their mission statement says:

“It’s not our aim to protect nature, it’s our purpose”

As a family project, they have planted thousands of trees, which now form a beautiful woodland near Kirk Hammerton, the Sylvan Nature Reserve, and the beautiful Bank Woods in Nidderdale. Recently they also invested in their site at Dougill Grange, where they have plans to plant a further 10,000 trees.

Wild Flower fields planted by Make It Wild

Through planting trees, they are helping to improve the biodiversity on their sites, which in turn combats climate change. They recently planted their 25,000th tree, have dug 12 ponds, sown acres of wildflowers, and have put up around 27 bird boxes. They have also protected 20 acres of Ancient Woodland.

They recently started a Carbon Mitigation through Tree Planting scheme which allows people to compensate for the carbon footprint they create through travel. All funds raised by this and their online shop go towards maintaining their nature reserves.

How does Carbon Dioxide Affect Climate Change?

The more Cabon Dioxide (CO2) that is produced, the warmer our planet becomes. Things like manufacturing, travel, or simply heating our homes all burn fossil fuels which release carbon into the atmosphere as CO2. This is a potent greenhouse gas which is a major contributor to climate change. This is your carbon footprint.

The concentration of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere has risen by 40% since the industrial revolution, and scientists agree that these CO2 emissions must be controlled as they are one of the main causes of climate change.

You can find out more information about how to calculate your carbon footprint on the Make It Wild. Once you understand your carbon footprint and how it is created, you can make changes to try to reduce it. We all have a responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint.

Sylvan Nature Reserve, North Yorkshire planted as a way to offset carbon footprint

What is the environment impact of air travel?

When aviation fuel burns, it releases greenhouse gasses including CO2, which together are called CO2e. As air travel has become more affordable and more common, so the effect of air travel has grown too and thereby the levels of CO2e.

It is estimated that a short flight emits approximately 1 tonne of CO2e per person, and a long haul flight emits approximately 3 tonnes per person.

How to offset your emissions?

There are ways to offset your emissions. One of the most effective methods of offsetting your carbon footprint is by investing in projects that take CO2 from the atmosphere, thereby stopping it acting as a greenhouse gas. You can do this by investing in renewable energy production, or by planting trees, as they do at Make it Wild.

How do trees help?

Trees absorb Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere by photosynthesis. (Yes, it’s high school biology all over again! Who knew we’d need to know it 20 years ago? Okay, 25!)

Isn’t nature wonderful, if we can just give it a helping hand by actually planing the trees, the trees themselves will help us to help Earth, our home! The only one we have.

A typical long-haul flight emits about 3 tonnes of CO2e. Driving a normal petrol family car for 10,000 miles emits 5 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide.

How can Make It Wild help to mitigate your carbon footprint?

You simply go on to their website, decide how many tonnes of CO2 you wish to compensate for, and purchase it via their website.

They will then assign the trees to you, and send you a certificate confirming how many tonnes of CO2 you have offset. You will also get a badge and a map with an aerial photograph showing you where your trees are.

Going forward, the Make It Wild team will continue to take care of your trees, ensuring they reach maturity, and by so doing they will be doing their job of absorbing Carbon Dioxide emissions for decades to come.

How to support Make It Wild and How to Offset your Carbon Footprint.

If you want to know how much it costs to have Helen and Christopher offset 5 tonnes of carbon for you, it is only £21.00 which is about 2 trees! Click here to order one now!

You can also check out their range of eco-friendly products in their online shop. One of my favourite things that they do is that you can dedicate a tree to a loved one as an eco-friendly gift.

Alternatively, they have also just launched a fantastic subscription service. Here’s a few words from Helen about how it works:

Clients can set up a direct debit with us, so they can be safe in the knowledge that we will ensure they are continually offsetting their carbon footprint, by planting trees. We think it is a great hassle-free way for busy people to do their bit for the environment. There is a range of price plans to choose from, so people can pick the one that best suits their lifestyle.

Helen Neave

For more information about their subscription service check out Make It Wild Carbon Offsetting Subscription.  

Mindy Coe Photography

To find out more about the important work that Helen and Make It Wild do, please do check them out on social media at the links below:

Gift Idea

Planting a tree to offset someone else’s carbon footprint makes a lovely gift for those who don’t feel the need to collect stuff! It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Disclaimer: Make It Wild are planting a tree in my name in exchange for this post.