If you’re trying to figure out how to find the perfect pair of jeans for women, shape, shade, fit and fabric all play a significant role. If you’ve ever wondered what jeans are right for you, this guide will help you when you embark on your journey to finding the perfect fit and style of jeans.

Disclaimer: This is a guest post.

Adapting with the times

Fashion comes and goes, and although many stalwart pieces have stood the test of time, many items that are considered solid pieces one year, are completely outmoded by the next year. 

A pair of jeans holds the distinction above all other items of clothing that it is probably the most adaptable item you will ever own. However, when it comes to sizing, you will definitely benefit from taking the time and making the effort to find the correct size and fit for your body type. 

Jeans, like how you make a cup of tea or coffee, is a personal thing, and if you make your purchase based on your own dimensions, you will be guaranteed many happy years of wear. 

It’s personal

Jeans are definitely far more focused on the body shape of the individual and their proportions than on the actual size of the items. Many women tend to get so fixated on the size of the piece of clothing and how it relates to their perception of their own body shape, that they forget to think about their comfort while wearing the garment. 

To determine this takes some work – you will be forced to consider your body type and its shape realistically, and you will also need to let go of unrealistic expectations of yourself!

It’s not as hard as it seems – take courage, and persist – the results will be worth it! Remember to love your body for what it is, what it’s been through and the journey you’re on. Self-care and self-appreciation are necessary for a healthy mind. Remember the affirmation – I am beautiful just as I am.

The test of time

A decent pair of women’s jeans will gently age into its ideal shape, and unlike any other item of clothing, it actually increases in sexiness and appearance as it ages. Jeans are designed to be worn for many years, so take the time to try them on and make sure that they fit you well – the idea is to have them for a long time. Check the seams carefully before buying, as this is the first place where defective stitching will show itself. You will also thank yourself later for checking the elasticity of the fabric, as this will dictate how the fabric recovers after being worn. 

How to hunt down the perfect pair of jeans for your body

  1. Check how easily they go on. Too easy, and you should drop a size. Jeans that start off as too tight will stretch over time. Buy them too large, and you’ll end up drowning in them. 
  2. Make sure the waistband fits well. Ideally, you should be able to fit two fingers down the back curve. More than that and your jeans will become too loose over time. 
  3. A waistband that is somewhat curved will give you a fit that is slightly higher at the back than in the front and will sit into your waist and not poke straight up, making your outfit look strange. 

I hope this guide will help you to find the perfect pair of jeans the next time you’re out shopping for some, or shopping from the comfort of your sofa.

This is a collaborative post.