Kids driving you crazy? Are they jumping all over the place, with too much energy to burn? I have the perfect solution for you! Look no further? The indoor inflatable theme park in Beverley, East Riding Yorkshire, is a brilliant place to take the kids, for the whole family. Previously run by the Infla Nation, it’s now run by Jump Inc, Beverley.

This is a previously sponsored post from 2019. The facility is still the same but under new ownership. Read on to find out more about our experience at Inflata Nation, Beverley. Or you can jump to the section with details on how to book at Jump Inc Beverley.

What is Inflata Nation?

Picture the scene: Half term. Three kids. Overcast rainy weather. NO PLANS! Then like a gift from a higher power … or the blogging gods, I received a sanity saving email! It was from the lovely people at Inflata Nation asking me if I’d like to review the Inflata Nation in Beverley. The timing was perfect as I had NOTHING planned for half term. I mean NOTHING!

Inflata Nation is something I was super keen to take the kids to. I remember seeing an ad for it on the local Yorkshire TV channel last summer. I knew it would be an awesome day out for the kids, and I was right!

If you don’t know what Inflata Nation is, it’s basically a giant indoor inflatable fun centre, an indoor bouncy castle park. The concept is very similar to the popular trampoline parks that are dotted throughout the country (and the world), with a twist. Instead of it being a trampoline park, it’s a giant bouncy castle. You book your hour session, don your socks and just prepare yourself to have some good clean childish fun!

my lobster friends socks

It’s so easy to book online in advance of your visit. You just go to their website, select the centre you want to go to, book for the number of people (adults and kids) in your party and pay. They do have an indemnity form that is possible to download and complete in advance to make your check-in process quicker. However, it’s not necessary, you can complete the form on the day when you get there.

The Inflatable Theme Park

Inflata Nation Beverley is the UK’s first double decker theme park. In addition to the expected slides and ball bit, there are more epic sections to the inflatable park. There are slides, drops, climbing walls, a maze, and an inflata pillow.

The girls got to compete with each other a lot too. One of the best was the two Inflata Ladders. This is where you can race to see who can reach the top first. To be more accurate, it’s more of a slide that you run up and the aim is to ring the bell at the top. I was so impressed that both the 5 and 7 year old nailed it!

ring the bell at inflata nation

And of course … the Inflata Dual. This is a wobbly gladiator style platform where your kids can really get stuck into each other. It’s great to finally be able to determine who the ultimate sibling is!

*Jokes! I wouldn’t mention it out loud, but I think the feisty 5 year old kicked her 7 year old sister’s butt! When she could actually stand up that is!*

What’s the ideal age for bouncing at Inflata Nation?

My youngest is 5 (nearly 6) and she coped just fine on all the different parts of the inflatable. Her and the 7 year old were bouncing, sliding, climbing and disappearing into the giant ball pit with no abandon. And did you know that kids just don’t get tired!

My 15 year old bonus daughter and I are a similar height and weight and we both had so much fun too! I’m not going to lie, think ingracious bouncing, sliding, and ugly laughing!

There was an incident where the two of us tried to follow the younger two up a steep and slippery slide. Unfortunately we were too close together and this created a ‘well’. We basically just slid all the way back down the slide all tumbled over each other. It was so funny! It also resulted in a fair amount of friction burn (me), even though we were warned in advance, but didn’t listen. Did you know that the laws of physics dictate that the heavier you are the faster you slide and the warmer the burn … lol. Well it’s true! Honestly though, it is the most fun I have had in a long time!

There is also a separate zone for smaller tots which is separate from the main arena area. To be honest though, this was empty when we were there. Everyone seemed to be in the main section. The fact that parents can bounce with their kids, and that the number of people who can bounce at one time is restricted meant that it was not over-crowded. Even though it was a Friday afternoon during half term.

Inflata Nation Facilities

I was really impressed with the facilities at Inflata Nation in Beverley too. It is located at the Flemingate Shopping Centre so your typical shopping centre parking is available.

Inside the centre you are greeted by welcoming staff who help you check-in. There are lockers available for you to hire. You can lock your shoes and bags in for those of you who are jumping as a family, and not leaving mum to watch all your stuff!

If mum is doing the watching of the stuff, at least she can spoil herself with a nice hot cuppa and a slice of cake.

The on-site cafe serves a wide selection of hot and cold drinks and treats. This is to sustain weary parents, grandparents and carers.

I was also impressed with the layout of the refreshment area. There is a separate area for parents of babies and children equipped with a microwave etc to warm food and bottles etc.

There were ample tables and chairs too as well as a downstairs seating area near the entrance to the toddlers section, and an upstairs viewing area where you can sit to supervise your from an aerial view point.

It costs £9.99 for adults and kids over the age of 5. Under 5s cost £4.99. You can also add on an extra hour at booking for an extra £7.00 and £3.00 respectively.

You can also book in for their classes for tots, disability friendly classes and even adult sessions. They can also help you solve the painful question of birthday parties by booking a party at their venue.

Family Fun Rating!

As a mum of 3 kids of varying ages I would definitely recommend visiting an Inflata Nation near you. It’s great for kids of all ages. As well as parents who are keen to get involved join in, and grandparents who want to just sit and have a cuppa in peace whilst the grandkids burn themselves out.

Inflata Nation With Kids

Disclaimer: I was invited to review Inflata Nation in Beverley in return for this honest review. All thoughts an opinions are my own.

Jump Inc Beverley

Where is Jump Inc Beverley?

Jump Inc Beverley can be found at:


What are the opening times at Jump Inc, Beverley?

I’d urge you to confirm this on their website, but their opening hours are:

  • Monday: 10am – 6.30pm
  • Tuesday – Thursday: 3pm to 6.30pm
  • Friday: 10am – 6.30pm
  • Weekends and School Holidays: 9am to 6pm

What is Jump Inc Beverley all about?

Here’s an extract from their website sharing how they describe the facility:

Jump Inc Beverley inflatable and trampoline park is the most fun you can have in a single afternoon – we promise!
A huge 20,000 square feet of inflatable playground, Jump Inc Beverley is quite literally wall-to-wall inflatable, bouncy goodness. Why not get lost in our urban playground, packed with activities to suit all ages including; our double-decker section, ginormous wavy slides, a massive ball pool (it’s the biggest in the UK!) PLUS all NEW trampolines, tumble tracks, zip lines and reaction walls NOW OPEN!
Try something different, there’s something for all ages. The perfect day out with the family is just a click away!

If you enjoy indoor inflatable theme parks the one in Beverley will not disappoint. It really is great fun, even I went on and thoroughly enjoyed it. Don’t forget your socks, but if you do you can always buy some there. Enjoy.