I have some super exciting news to share with you all – introducing #RealMomsWhoTravel!

Myself and Jean from Mommy Explores have decided to team up to bring our readers some tips, advice and stories about travelling with kids, as real moms.

Introducing #RealMomsWhoTravel

We have both travelled extensively before we had kids, and now as moms..

We have travelled with our kids, within South Africa, regionally in Southern Africa, and internationally. We have decided to collaborate on informative posts, stories, tips, tricks, hacks and advice that can help other moms who travel with their kids. And so #RealMomsWhoTravel has been born.

Not only do we travel as moms, but we have other things in common as well that you might see as a theme running through our posts. We both spend a lot of time solo parenting due to our husband’s hectic schedules. We both love wine! We both have wanderlust blood in our veins, and the kids aren’t going to stop us travelling this beautiful world.

To kick things off, we thought it would be fun to interview each other as a way of introducing our new mommy-in-travel to each other’s audiences.Here goes a bit of fun:

Tell us a bit about you (background, family dynamic, current location)

I live in the beautiful winelands of South Africa with my two babies aged 3 and 1 and my best wine partner, my husband. He is also a helicopter pilot who flies overseas which is why I travel and explore solo most of the time.  My background is in Travel and PR where my love for writing and traveling comes from.

Which was the last big trip you took?

We spent 6 weeks traveling through the UAE, Bali and Australia in May this year.

Which is you preferred mode of travel when taking a family holiday?

Flying! While I have a love-hate relationship with airports, I do still get excited about flying. But once we have arrived at our destination, sometimes the best way to experience and see a place is to take the public transport, or walk.

What is your biggest tip for making your trip a success as a parent?

Try relax and remember, you cannot control everything. The journey is part of the holiday.

What is the hardest thing about travelling as a family?

Little people having meltdowns in the most inappropriate places (such as airport security!!)

If you could go anywhere in the world, as a family, where would you go?

How long is a piece of string? There are so many places I would love to travel too…But if I had to go anywhere, right now, it would be, Ireland!

What would be your ideal long weekend away?

The Drakensburg. I have always loved the mountains, so peaceful and serene.mommy-exploresYou can check out one of Jean’s favourite posts about What I Never Travel Without. 

If you want to find out more about Jean, please check her out on her social media channels. Did I mention that she is also the winner of Best New Voice from last year’s inaugural SA Mommy Blogger Awards?

Instagram: @mommy_explores Twitter: @mommy_exploresFacebook: @mommyexplores 

To tie things up nicely, Jean has done the same Q&A of me on her blog so please do check it out!

Remember to follow the hashtag #RealMomsWhoTravel on social media to keep up with our latest posts. Also if there is anything you want to know, or any topics you’d like us to cover, please let us know? We’d love to hear from you.