AD | If like me, you struggle to sleep, you’ll want to read on to find out more about the Inviting Sleep range from Tea & Tonic.

Those closest to me know that I struggle to sleep. I don’t need much sleep and can survive on around 5/6 hours of sleep a night. I learnt some time ago that the earlier I fall asleep, the earlier I wake in the morning, and I’m really not a morning person. So I adapted to staying up later so that I sleep later. But that’s not really healthy either. Recently, I’ve intentionally been trying to change my habits to be more healthy, I still struggle to fall asleep earlier.

When I was asked to review the gorgeous products by Tea & Tonic, I was immediately drawn to their Inviting Sleep range. They kindly sent me their essential oil blend, their Inviting Sleep body oil, and a selection of their hand-blended teas to review. Let’s find out how I got on.

AD | I was sent these products in exchange for an honest review.

Good Sleep Habits

When we have babies, we are taught by midwives, books, our family, or our mum tribe that it’s essential to have a good routine for babies to prepare them for sleeping through the night. So it’s not surprising that the same concept works just as well for us adults.

The routine of preparing your body for resting and sleep is vital for getting to sleep. Everyone has their own routine, but the one I’ve been trying goes something like this …

Get the kids bathed, fed, in bed reading their books. Then I run a bath, have some me-time. When I’m out of the bath, I take slowly (unrushed) moisturise, clean my face with my skincare regime, and then after I’ve said goodnight to the girls, I come down and make myself a cup of tea whilst catching up on the day’s news.

Inviting Sleep Essential Oil Blend

The Ideal Bath for Relaxing and Inviting Sleep

I’ve never really been a bath person, always preferring to shower instead. But in the interest of changing my habits and trying to find a routine that works to help me prepare for sleep, I’ve been bathing more frequently. One of the key things I do is make sure the kids have actually tidied the bathroom of their mess before I go in there. It’s one of their chores, and yes, this involves a fair amount of nagging, but I can’t relax in the bath if I see mess and dirty clothes and towels on the floor all around me.

The other thing I do is add a few drops of the Tea & Tonic Inviting Sleep Essential Oil Blend to my bath. You don’t need a lot, 4 – 6 drops are what they recommend, and it’s perfect for infusing that luxury relaxing element into your bath.

It comes in a 15 ml bottle, and as with other essential oils, it can be used in various ways.

Tea and Tonic Inviting sleep body oil

Pamper Yourself Before Bedtime

After your bath is time to pamper yourself and indulge your skin. I recently took up a new skincare regime now that I’m 40, but it’s not just about your face; it’s about your body too. The Tea & Tonic Inviting Sleep Body Oil, is a luxurious skin oil that really does let off those lavender sleep-inducing aroma whilst also soaking into your body. I’ve tried a few different skin oils instead of skin creams, and I do love them. They really do feel better on your skin afterwards, and the Tea & Tonic Body Oil is excellent as body oils go.

Tea and Tonic hand inviting sleep blended teas

Tea & Tonic Wellness Teas

I was also sent a selection of hand-blended teas to try out to compliment the Inviting Sleep regime. I’m not a massive tea fan; I prefer to drink coffee. However, all the teas I’ve tried have been exceptional. They were all really flavourful and gave off a calming quality. My favourite of all the ones I’ve tried so far is the Golden Milk Inviting Sleep Wellness Tea. Most of their teas come in both tea bags and loose-leaf.

How has my sleep routine and the quality of my sleep improved?

Overall I’d say that the combination of an intentional shift in my pre-sleep routine, combined with the soothing and relaxing quality of the Tea & Tonic products, has definitely made a difference. I am finding that falling asleep earlier is easier. It doesn’t change the fact that I’m awake earlier, but I am getting a good night’s sleep, waking in the morning feeling refreshed and awake, ready to start the day.