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My kids are busy with their school sports week. Who knew it would take a whole week. Yesterday my Year 1 daughter had disco dodgeball … which it turns out is exactly what it sounds like, they play disco music and throw balls at the kids! Today was Potted Sports – I have no idea what the purpose was but the kids had fun. I still can’t get my head around no winners and so that’s why I have linked up an old post of mine where I basically have a rant about competition in schools. I realise not everyone shares my opinion. If that is you, please convince me otherwise.

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The lovely Nicole was our host last week and she chose this post by Dad’s Delicious Dinners about mental health and parenting is an issue for dads too and we need to be making it okay for them to talk about issues and problems that they are facing. Great post! I think I’d have chosen it too.

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