If you keep up with modern fashion trends, you’re probably aware of the increase in the popularity of loungewear over the past couple of years. You may have seen your favourite celebrity or influencer donning the latest sweater sets and even designer brands offering their take on the relaxed trend.

Loungewear is comfortable and casual attire that, until recently, was worn around the house or even for sleeping. Loungewear is made of soft and stretchy materials and provides maximum comfort for its wearers. But what has made this laid-back trend so popular?

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loungewear lockdown

Covid-19 & Staying Indoors

The year 2020 saw a drastic change in everyday activities. People went from the daily grind of a nine-to-five schedule to having nowhere to be and losing track of what day of the week it was. The government guidance to stay safe and stay at home meant that people no longer needed to wear their typical work attire. For most, staying in the house all day meant not even bothering to change out of their pyjamas.

Those who were furloughed from their jobs found themselves able to spend their days pursuing new hobbies and watching endless hours of Netflix, so getting dressed up became pointless.

The Rise In Home Working

Those still working were required to do so from home until it was safe to return to the office. The beauty of Zoom meant that people only had to make an effort on the top half of their bodies. This led to many hybrid outfits with sweatpants on the bottom but shirts and ties on top. As people made their way back into the workplace, some even shared their lockdown outfits showing the essential inclusion of loungewear!

The work-from-home dress code for important meetings quickly became suits and sweats. People naturally gravitated towards loungewear for their everyday attire because of its comfort. This drew attention to the rigidity of suits, dresses, and high heels.

Comfort > Everything

Due to the lengthy time people spent at home, suits and smart workwear sales plummeted while casual clothing sales soared. Fashion is no longer about dressing to impress but merely dressing for practicality. As there were increasingly fewer reasons to get dressed up, people became more aware of how preposterous the idea of choosing your clothes deliberately to impress others is. Pair this with a cost of living crisis, and spending the best part of your paycheck on designer shoes that are too uncomfortable to wear is not justifiable.

As the world has opened up again and people have adapted their pre-Covid daily routines, fashion trends have also adapted. Dressing your best is now all about feeling good and comfortable, and the HSIA Loungewear range in particular, takes comfort and style seriously! To look nice is to feel nice; nothing feels better than loungewear. The soft materials and loose-fitting shapes allow for movement, offer warmth in the winter, and give the body room to breathe throughout the day. What more could you ask for?

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How To Dress Up Dressing Down

The key to the loungewear trend gaining traction is its versatility. Not only can items be worn around the house, keeping you cosy and comfortable, but they can also be worn out of the house and dressed up with accessories and footwear. Swap your slippers out for chunky boots, and add a trench coat and scarf. Even the queen of high fashion, Anna Wintour, has dabbled in the world of loungewear, which just goes to show that it is so much more than it used to be!

Loungewear Is Here To Last! Hurrah!

Whether the loungewear trend will last forever or not, there is no doubt that it has influenced our clothing choices forever. Rigid, formal clothing no longer equals professionalism, and being comfortable in what you wear is now en vogue.

Loungewear items are now wardrobe staples that can be highly versatile and adaptable to the changing seasons and casual and formal environments. It’s time to stop lounging around
and get yourself some comfies!