Last week I did something completely out of my comfort zone. I was invited to a day out in Leeds. The idea was to invited a number of bloggers and other influencers to attend a day organised by Conference Leeds to showcase a number of different aspects of Leeds in order to attract more visitors as part of the #LoveLeeds campaign. I am definitely attracted – I love Leeds!!!

I knew in advance that I wouldn’t be able to attend the whole day event because … I’m a mother, but I was keen to attend for as much of the day as I could. 

Kirkgate Market

We met outside the Jamie’s Ministry of Food in Kirkgate Market. The market itself is one of the largest indoor markets in Europe. If you haven’t been before, set yourself aside a few hours, like maybe half a day at least, and go! Located right in the city centre, it is situated close to the train and bus station, with ample parking facilities a two-minute walk away!

From the freshly cooked food on offer, to the butchers and fresh seafood stalls, and don’t forget the fresh fruit & veg available. I was blown away by the prices too! Good quality food at prices that are far better than what you pay for convenience in your local supermarket.

You can literally get anything you want in the market, from fresh seafood to your toiletries, to handmade soaps and smellies, and you can even get your eyebrows done right there and then! I love a one-stop-shop!

Ministry Of Food

We were then whisked off by a friendly Uber driver to the Leeds Cookery School located in the old Firehouse! We were welcomed by Simon and Scott, and straight away I started to panic when I discovered that we were going to have to do some fancy cooking.

Panic over! I was relieved to realise that we were going to be taught from scratch how to make the two dishes they had planned for us. The first was Crab and Wensleydale Tart, and the second was Rhubarb Pavlova.

Let me tell you, I learnt more about cooking, meringue and Rhubarb in an hour and a half, than I have learnt about cooking … ever, maybe! And it was so much fun! I cannot recommend the experience highly enough.

The only bad thing is that I had to leave before any of it was finished. I was super sad, but it’s just more motivation to book myself in for an actual lesson!

If you are interested in this sort of thing, it can be a fantastic team bonding experience or away day, a party with friends, or even a couple’s day out! Do check out their website to see the various events and classes they have coming up.

Did You Know?

Did you know that the bright pink rhubarb that is so fashionable in the fancy restaurants all over the UK (but mostly in London) is grown in a huge shed just outside of Leeds? The rhubarb is grown in a shed, in complete darkness. Apparently, tours can be arranged, but they are conducted by candlelight to maintain the darkness. Rhubarb that is grown outdoors is usually pink and green in colour (as in my pictures). It is sunlight that dilutes the pink colour. And apparently pink is what the people want!

Getting into Leeds – Leeds Train Station

The Leeds train station was not on the official list of places to visit in Leeds, but as its how I had to get home. And I took full advantage of the situation.

I used to live in London and travel up and down to York when I was still dating my future husband. To say that I spent a LOT of time on trains is an understatement. I had forgotten how much I loved travelling by train. I was ridiculously excited about my 20-minute train trip! Taking a train into Leeds was so much fun, and the modern bustling vibe at Leeds Train Station was just another reason to love Leeds.

Leeds City Centre

I had about 20 minutes to spare whilst waiting for the train as I was a bit early, but I decided to do a quick whip around the area outside the station. I acted like a real ‘tommy tourist’ and snapped as many pictures and selfies as I could. Despite the rain.

You can tell it was raining because of my hair! Seriously! There is no point in my even bothering to straighten it when there is even the tiniest bit of moisture in the air! 

What Did I Miss Out On?

I missed out on the finished meals I was so enjoying making. However, the thing I was most sad to miss out on was the tour of Instagramable places in Leeds. And of course, the beer tasting!

I’m definitely going to keep my notes from the event and I think I’m going to drag my long-suffering husband with me one day to tick off all those things ourselves. I have found an awesome list of 21 Best Bruch and Bottomless Brunch in Leeds – I’m dying to try them!

Thanks so much to Conference Leeds for inviting me to such an awesome event. To say that I love Leeds is an understatement! I will definitely be back!