It’s time again for my March Instagram Round Up. This is my monthly series where I share some behind the scenes insights into the top 5 pictures from my Instagram over the past month. Giving away a little more details about what was actually happening at the time the picture was taken, or providing just a little more context and details to the pictures.

I usually do these posts on the last day of the month, but I’ve been a bit busy traveling between Zimbabwe and South Africa so I didn’t get the chance before now. For those who follow me regularly you’ll know I was in Zimbabwe for the past two weeks. Or as I like to call it – “Home”.

It was so good to be there, but very emotional for the girls and I, and my parents there. This will be our last trip to Zim for a while now as we have made the decision to move back to the UK. It was really a ‘farewell’ visit, and just that terminology made us all sad. I’m not going to dwell on that.

No. 5 – Kolmanskop Namibia on a BMW GS Adventure

I went back to Zim with the girls solo. My husband and a friend of his went adventuring on their motorbikes to Namibia. As much as I would have loved to go with, that’s not exactly a family holiday when your kids are small. My fifth most liked picture (set of pictures) was pictures he sent me from Kolmaskop. It’s a deserted mining town where back in the day you used to find diamonds lying on top of the ground. These eerily beautiful photos capture the wild beauty of it, as well as the spirit of adventure that the guys have when they go on their trips. p.s. the BMW GS is coming with us to the UK.

The last picture in the series shows the distance between my husband and I at the time the pictures were taken. Countries apart.

No. 4 – These Feet Were Made for … taking a break?

I spend a considerable amount of time in the car during the afternoons … waiting for the girls to finish their various afternoon activities. I snapped this classic one of my youngest with her feet up on the back of my seat whilst we were killing time waiting for my eldest to finish her Wise Eye extra reading session. This child is going to be the one to make my hair turn grey!

No. 3 – It’s A Bird’s Life

I don’t trust birds. I own two Turquoise Indian Ringnecks who I love, and who I have shared pictures of videos of numerous times, but I don’t touch them! The male flies away from me which is fine, but the female would gladly take a chunk out of my hand given half a millisecond’s opportunity. As such I have never ever attempted to touch any other birds, even if the handler/owner assures me that they are friendly. I don’t believe them.

But after watching this bird with a number of other people on the day, I decided to be brave and try it. That, and my girls were laughing at me! The picture turned out really well. So well in fact that I got some really lovely comments from quite a few friends. Thanks everyone. Please take note of my lovely Muppie Lounge shirt from their new range!

I will do a full blog post on this amazing place, the Twala Trust animal sanctuary in the next couple of weeks.

No. 2 – Mini Adventurers

is a rare picture of my girls and I at the airport on our way to Zimbabwe. They were so excited, and after a few documentation issues (I forgot my SA residence permit so they thought I’d over-stayed my visa), we were on our way. My girls have travelled a lot, but this was the best trip with them solo. They were little angels and I am a proud mom. Thank you girls.

No. 1 – African Sunsets Are Amazing

It was one of those perfect picture opportunities. The colours on display were stunningly spectacular. I love taking pictures of the sky, sunsets, clouds, and even the rain. This will always be one of my favourites! A perfect Free State sunset!

So there you have it, my March Instagram Round Up, done and dusted. If you were ever in doubt, I’m sure this gives you a pretty good insight into my passions: my girls, Africa, nature and adventure.

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