For many of us, safety is our biggest priority when we’re on the road. The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is one of the safer cars in its class, and it is jam-packed with safety features and standard safety technology so you will have peace of mind knowing that you and your family are protected.

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What features do Eclipse Cross versions have?

The steering wheel includes buttons for the audio system and the phone. It has a six-speaker system with AM/FM and digital radio receivers with USB input and Bluetooth connectivity.

It supports the Android Auto app, and you can connect your mobile device to the car and use certain applications on your dashboard, including navigation apps. Automatic emergency brakes, and height adjustment of drivers’ seats.

Blind Spot Warning and Lane Change Assistance

Blindspot warning systems are used to prevent parked vehicles from straying outside of your blind spot. If a car is cruising at the same speed in detected areas, warning lights are illuminated in your car, and the LED light on the mirror blinks three times, indicating the need to switch lanes.

This makes driving much easier as you are fully aware of what is going on around you on the roads to avoid accidents and collisions.

Multiview Camera System

The multi-view camera system allows the driver to capture multiple images of the Eclipse Cross using numerous camera angles to create a composite birds-eye perspective of the vehicle and a wide-angle view to help show the area behind you.

This can make manoeuvring and parking the car much easier.

Adaptive cruise control

Adaptive cruise control uses radar technology that measures the distance from the driver’s vehicle ahead of you to help ensure that you remain safe. 

Whenever a car leaves your lane or exceeds your speed limit, it returns to the speed you set your car on.

RISE Body Construction

Integrated reinforced impact safety evolution body (RISE) is designed to provide protection from collisions. It combines a rear section with a rigid, strong occupant cell with an energy-absorbing front.

It includes material that is energy-absorbing in the roof rails and side pillars, as well as high tensile steel reinforcing bars in all of the doors. The structure of the car is like a steel cage due to the high levels of torsional rigidity and bending.

Because of this, you can have peace of mind knowing that the front and rear passengers are safe if anyone drives into you or if you have a severe collision.

Rear Cross-Traffic Alert

Rear Cross-Traffic Alerts detect incoming vehicle traffic from all directions while reversing. The LEDs on the side mirrors will blink, and an alarm will trigger the warning message on the display screen.

Rain-sensing wipers

The first raindrop activates the wipers, and the wiper adjusts to the frequency of the weather. This makes driving in harsh weather conditions much more manageable and ensures visibility and extra safety when on the roads.

Other features

The Eclipse cross includes numerous safety features, including forward collision mitigation, automatic high beam headlights, rear parking sensors, airbags, and a lane departure warning system. All of these can make your experience on the road calmer and much safer.

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FAQs about the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

Does the Eclipse Cross have adaptive cruise control?

Yes, it does. This helps you maintain a safe driving distance. It does this through radar technology and judges the distance between you and the vehicle in front of you.

How safe is the Eclipse Cross?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gave the Eclipse Cross a safety rating of 5. 5 is the highest overall rating a vehicle can obtain. So the car is extremely safe.

Does the Eclipse Cross have heated seats?

Yes, it does. The front and rear seats both benefit from this feature. Making those chilly winter mornings much more bearable.

Is the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross good in snow?

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross has various drive modes, one being snow. This makes the car much more suitable for slippery roads, enhancing accuracy and stability.

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Review

There’s no doubt that the Eclipse Cross is a safe vehicle and would be great on a family road trip. Although, it is also important to note that these are not substitutes for careful driving and you should always carry out regular car maintenance checks on your vehicle. You still need to be alert and cautious. However, the car is your companion and wants to help and protect you and is a great choice for the safety-conscious.