Are You More Than Just A Mommy Blogger?

I am. And I know so many other amazing moms who blog. I want to introduce you to the other side of them with my new mini-series.

As we all know women are never just one thing, we are all the ‘things’! Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Aunty … and that’s just with families. We are also:

  • Stay-at-home-moms
  • Work-from-home-moms
  • Work full time moms
  • Mompreneur moms
  • Work Part-time moms

You get my drift! 

In between all that, we still have to go grocery shopping, do the school runs, get them to their after-school activities, keep the house clean and make sure our husband’s shirts are ironed. That’s all on a good week when no one gets sick! Aaaand … rinse and repeat!

What’s It All About?

This mini-series will feature women who are also moms who also happen to blog. It will be an insight into the ‘other’ part of their lives, what else do they do on a regular basis, because the reality is that we are all more than ‘just a mom‘ and we are all definitely more than “just mommy bloggers”.

Then the second half of each post will be to introduce the readers to your blogs. You know me by now (or not … shame on you!), I love linking back to other blogs so will gladly link back to your blog in general or if you want to use this as a hook to drive more traffic to your blog by putting half a post on mine, and the other half on yours, that would be awesome too!

Calling All Mommy Bloggers

I’m excited about this project, and I have a couple of ladies already lined up but I do still have three spots open. I will only feature five ladies in total so if you do want to be featured please get in touch.

Ideally I would like to feature one of each type of mom who fall into the categories listed above, but this not a hard and fast rule. It is impossible to label or pigeonhole anyone, nor would I want to!

For now this mini-series will only feature South African Mom Bloggers, but the second mini-series would be open to mom bloggers from across the world. Please get in touch if you are keen to be involved.

Don’t forget to look out for my first feature! She’s an awesome person, mom and blogger! And she is definitely more than just a mommy blogger!