Yesterday  marked one year of blogging for me. Officially, my blog’s first birthday.

I started out blogging for a few reasons but mainly because I needed a creative outlet. I had all these things I wanted to say and share, and blogging seemed like a great outlet. Also I think my Facebook friends and even my family were sick of my lengthy and opinionated posts.

I Knew Nothing!

When I started I knew that there were other mommy bloggers, but I had no idea how many and how huge the industry is, or the role that bloggers play with regards to influencing parents across a range of topics from the best products to the safest practices and even social awareness and responsibility. Not just that, but there are even sub-divisions within mommy blogging – it’s like a huge tree with so many different branches, all rooted in the same basic principles of parenting, loving our kids and trying to make it out alive. *Kidding – not kidding!*

In the past year my blog has grown from a basic wordpress blog which I used as a diary to test out my writing ‘skills’, to a brand I am proud of. A brand which is growing and evolving. I write about a range of topics all related to me, my girls and my family, including the good, the hard, the travel, and the humour … and don’t forget the wine!


In total I have a following of over 4300 followers across the four main social media platforms I concentrate on besides the blog itself: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. That may not seem a huge amount of followers for some people, but I’m proud that my followers are organic.

I have made some amazing friends, some of whom live completely different lives in some faraway places across the globe that I’d never heard of before, and others who live close enough that I’ve been fortunate to meet up with IRL (in real life). I’ve also had my confidence knocked and I’ve struggled to maintain a balance between blogging and home life. Blogging can be really addictive!

With that said, my top 3 most popular posts (most read & liked) of the past year are:

  1. The Lighter Side of Three  – A loving but humorous post about the “joys” of raising a threenager!
  2. How To Be A Good Blogger   – Basically this is about having good manners as a blogger and my personal opinion on how to ‘behave’ within the blogging community – yes yes, let’s not forget that I’m a mom and wife first, and a blogger second, all life experiences are lessons though.
  3. The Day I Said “Yes!”  – This is a great personal post about the day I decided to stop saying “No” to every request my girls had and to say “yes” instead, for one whole day. It’s a great post.

My personal three most favourite posts ever are:

  1. Her and I … our awkward love – exploring the relationship my eldest daughter and I have and how we awkwardly love each other in our own special way.
  2. I’m sorry mom!  – A letter to my mom where I apologise to her for everything I put her through as a child, which I am now experiencing as a mother myself.
  3. I Saw You Today …  – A message to all the moms as we try to make our way through the world, often worrying far too much that strangers are witnessing our failings when in actual fact we have all been there and we aren’t judging at all.

All three of these are personal, emotional and really resonated with so many of my fellow mom’s – not just the bloggers, but the other mom’s too. They are in no particular order.

My best travel posts are:

  1. 6 Things To Do In Bloemfontein for Under R50  – My first ever sponsored post.
  2. 3 Countries in 3 Days: Day 1 – You should also read day 2 & 3 – it was an awesome kid-free trip with my husband on his motorbike across South Africa, Swaziland and Lesotho in 3 days.
  3. After the beach comes the bush holiday  – one of my earlier posts where the contrast between different South African holidays is evidenced in my amateur photos.

I love the travel posts. It’s an area I want to expand on this coming year.

If you are interested you can read my first ever blog post here: First Blog Post … here we go! 

So what are my goals for the future?

Stay true to me!

That’s it. That’s my goal. It is so easy to get swept along and you see so many bloggers and blogging friends, people you respect, doing things a certain way, a great way, that it can be hard to remember how to keep your own personal style strong and consistent.

So now I think that is quite enough blog bragging and self promotion for one post. Please don’t forget to follow me on my new Facebook page. Not only do I share some of my content, but light hearted funny jokes, serious ‘stuff’, and other great posts by bloggers whose content I love!

Thanks to my biggest supporter – my husband, and my biggest fan – my mom! And of course my little inspirations for everything – my girls.

Wish me luck for the next year. Let’s see how I get on. In the mean time, happy blog birthday to me.