The bond between sisters is one that can never be broken, usurped or even completely understood.

I originally took the photo in my featured image because as I went to tidy up their shoes left exactly like that, it struck me how different they are.

At that exact moment I heard them laughing together in their shared bedroom.

It was one of a million tiny moments in time where my heart swells with love to the point I think it might burst.

I have no idea what they were doing in there that made them both so happy, even if I did I would never truly be able to share in that moment with them because they are each other’s sisters. 

That saying, “Because you have a sister, you will always have a friend” is also so true. I wrote a completely different post recently which touched on life with sisters, but the point of this one is different. It’s not about the life your sister, it’s about the bond. What do I mean?

Here are two examples of my different bonds with two of my sisters. Two different sisters, and two different bonds:

My youngest sister is my half-sister. She lives in the same country as me but due to the size of this country and the distance between where we live, I don’t see her very often and we don’t talk every day. But yesterday I needed her technical help with the WordPress functions on my blog. Despite it being the middle of her working day, and the fact that my kids were singing *read screaming* in the background we spoke on the phone for maybe five minutes and it was like we had seen each other the day before. In actual fact we haven’t seen each other since July last year. It doesn’t matter. We know where each other are. Our bond is ours alone.

My other sister lives in the UK. I haven’t seen her since May 2015 (I think). We went through a lot together the two of us. Like my girls, we are very close in age. For the first 16 years of our lives we did everything together, not always because we wanted to, but because we had to. Our mom and dad divorced when we were very small so we are the only two who know what it was really like. Don’t get me wrong, we had a great up-bringing, what I’m referring to is the visiting, the holidays, the day-to-day life. We may have spent Christmases apart from one of our parents during most of those years, but we always had each other. We skype, message, whatsapp, email, etc. Put it this way … this is us:


Also us:


Here is a short, brief, list of things that only sisters will understand:

  • We can communicate without words, a simple narrowing of the eyes or pull of the mouth conveys an entire conversation that no one else will get.
  • We will have each other’s backs ALWAYS!
  • We can b*tch and moan about each other, and quite often at each other, but no one else is allowed to even breathe a bad word about my sister. Seriously! Like, don’t even agree with me, I will cut you!
  • No fight is fiercer or more easily forgotten than one between two sister.

I see these traits every day between my girls, and they are only 5 and 3, it must be because I recognize it from my relationships with my sisters.


With that said, this pic is  extremely relevant to both me and my sister, and my girls! It certainly is not all sugar and spice and all things nice! I also recognize the benefits of being the mother of sisters and being able to exact a little revenge, however juvenile that may be!  

To end off, I am so glad that my daughters have a sister.


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